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Evelyn Ng Is a Poker Junkie

11 July 2008, By:
evelyn ng.350.6694

What's the longest session you've played?

When I first started playing poker my longest session was probably about two days, ha ha. I was playing in a casino in Toronto. But that was like fifteen years ago, and I'm pretty sure I was losing at the time.

How much have you won and lost in one session?

Well, cash games I don't play that much. I play like medium stakes, so maybe around $5,000, nit that much. My biggest loss is probably also around $5,000. I don't go off that much.

Do you quit if you're losing?

Actually I'm probably better at quitting when I'm ahead!

When was the last time you had a week without playing poker?

Oh, I take weeks off all the time. I like to take breaks, I don't like to play all the time. Like this year in the WSOP, if I played one day I often wouldn't play on the next day. I took a lot of breaks in between. I'm actually quite happy when I'm not playing, ha ha.

I think I play better when I get back from a break. When you're not taking breaks, sometimes I think you don't realize that you're playing bad.

How many of your friends are not poker players?

Not many, ha ha! I guess I have a lot of friends back home who aren't poker players, but most of them are familiar with poker at least.

I like having friends who aren't in the poker world and not always talking about bad beats and things like that, that's nice.

Do you use a lot of poker terms when not talking about poker?

No, not much. People are always using poker language like standard deviation or EV and so on. The one poker term that I often use outside of poker is "freeroll".

Like if you're talking to a person that seems really nice and something good might come out of it, it's a freeroll. Or a negative freeroll, like if there's no point, is it worth it or not, you never know.

Have you ever chosen poker over a partner?

No, I don't think so. But I don't have very many partners so I don't have to make that decision very often.

Do you sometimes change your plans if you're in a good game?

Not really. Even if there's a good game going on - there's always a good game somewhere! So if there's something else better to do, I'd rather go and have fun than play poker around a bunch of boring people, ha ha.

What's the most expensive thing you've destroyed after a bad beat?

Ha ha, probably not even a mouse. I don't destroy many things, that's negative EV. If I'm at home on the computer I'll probably just let out a little scream or something, but nothing too serious.

Are you into crazy side bets?>

No, I generally don't do any side bets or prop bets or things like that. Maybe when we play video games, like Guitar Hero, we make little side bets.

Who do you think is the biggest poker junkie in the world?

Err, I guess I don't know the names, but a lot of those online players, they seem to play 24/7 pretty much.

How have you done so far in the Main Event?

Pretty good, I entered the day with 110,000. Today I haven't had any good cards, and right now I have around 90,000 in chips and I'm happy with that. I steal a blind here and there but that's about it. Nothing too dramatic.

What about the WSOP before the Main Event?

This is only my fifth event in the 2008 WSOP. Like I said, I took a lot of time off with the team.

Who's your favorite to win the Main Event?

Oh, I can't really make a prediction, there's so many people. But, maybe someone I know, like... Hey I don't even know who's still in, ha ha.

We thank Bodog Poker player and tournament professional Evelyn Ng for the chat!

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