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Redhead of the Month - August - The Russian Spy

13 August 2011, By: compncards
Anna Chapman 235x300
Anna Chapman 235x300

After a brief absence due to the WSOP, my Redhead of the Month column has returned.

This month, I bring you a figure that is loosely known in poker but is much more of a celebrity worldwide - just maybe not in the best of circumstances.

The August Redhead of the Month is Russian Spy Anna Chapman.

Why would a Russian spy make a Redhead of the Month list on a poker site?

Well, she does have the Iphone app "Poker with Anna Chapman." My editor said that my choices had to be related to the poker world. He didn't say how they had to be related.

After being deported from the US in July of last year for working in a Russian Illegals Program, Chapman became a celebrity in Russia.

She was appointed to the public council of the Young Guard of United Russia, hosted a TV show called Secrets of the World, and became the editor of Venture Business News Magazine.

Of course, the photo above is from her Maxim shoot from October of 2010.

Hot Russian spy redhead poker players holding guns. Sounds like a new reality show.

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  • Lyon 27/06/2012 4:20pm (9 years ago)

    how are the tourneys going ? avg atntadnece at the monday morningresults posted anywhere? and one more thing will there be any sit and go tourneys or satelites because even 60 is a lot for a person living check to check not that the casino cares. . i think ac has 35 dollar satelites thanks Paul