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Radio days with Phil and Barry

24 April 2009, By: I-PokerJunkie-I

Forget the poker shows on TV, if you want a real insight on the life of the high stakes gamblers radio is the thing.

The best online poker radio show at the moment is Barry Greenstein's show 'Tips from the Bear'. Where he talks about poker and life in general. I don't know why I like the show so much, it's a bit dry, but maybe it's because Barry seems like such a great guy. In the latest episodes he's mainly been analyzing this season of 'High Stakes Poker' and gives a very interesting perspective to the game.

He gives a lot of credit to Tom 'durrrr' Dwan, but also has an intriguing explanation to why he seems to be dominating the whole game. Dwan has had great success online in the months before the show and is heavily bankrolled, while the rest of the players basically have the money they are prepared to loose at the table, and maybe one more buyin. This affects their game in a negative way. Barry says that Dwan played fearlessly against kind of 'scared money', which gives him a great advantage. Watching the show it seems like Barry is right. Dwan manages to pull of several well timed bluffs because of his opponents' reluctance to commit all their money.

What makes some of these radio shows well worth tuning in to is the friendship between Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey. On 'Tuesdays with Ivey' Barry records phone calls between him and Phil and on occasions he records conversations from the high stakes cash games. They talk prop bets and poker. The latest episode is recorded during the Big Game at Bellagio. Sammy Farha misunderstands a bet and wants in on the action when he thinks he will get 3.5-1 on Ivey winning the main event this year. Even Farha can see that this is a hell of a bet - haha - but he changes his mind when he realizes that it's 3.5-1 on Ivey winning any bracelet.

Ivey: "I will take three and a half to one, and I will bet 700,000 to 200,000 right now, big boy."

Farha: "I'll lay it big boy. Three and a half to one that you're gonna win it?"

Ivey: "Win a bracelet, yea."

Farha: "Oh, any bracelet. I thought the World Series only, the big one."

Everybody laughs and Barry asks Sammy if he thought Ivey was ready to give 3.5 to 1 that he would win the main event. Sammy says off course and says that that's a good price for Ivey. It seems that one of the reason that Ivey lost the same bet last year, even though his chances was better because of the rebuy tournaments, was that he often was shooting craps missing the first two hours of the events he played. Sounds like fun? Tune in to the poker radio and listen to a bunch of lovable degenerated gamblers. You won't regret it.

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