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Phil Ivey Cigar Aficionado

25 March 2010, By: Melissa Castello

I recently completed an exciting trip to Chicago and while there my dad handed me a magazine to read on my plane ride back to LA. It was Cigar Aficionado and on the cover, Phil Ivey.

I was surprised that 1. my dad reads Cigar Aficionado and 2. Phil Ivey cleans up pretty nicely.

Phil is featured over a 4-page spread and discusses more lifestyle over poker. The article talks about Phil's high-roller lifestyle including private jets and personal drivers, casino comps, the best suites at the nicest hotels, $2,500 bottles of wine, and of course high quality cigars.

It also shares a funny side to Phil we can't see through his solid poker face, such as the time he stole an apple from the First Ladies desk or when he was mistaken for Jay-Z outside of a Coldplay concert.

Seriously? Would Jay-Z really listen to Coldplay??

The article is geared towards a cigar loving following and has some readers wondering who the hell Phil Ivey is. You can read through the list of funny comments and posts on the cigar afficionado forums.

The April issue is on stands now and is worth picking up for an enjoyable read and a peek into one of pokers most reserved yet interesting players.

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