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Online Poker is Like Picking Up Hookers

24 August 2010, By: compncards

I have a certain hooker friend that I talk to infrequently. Hookers and poker for some go hand in hand. As such, here are some reasons that picking up hookers is like playing online poker:

1. You never really know what to expect going in.

2. There are different price levels / buy-ins depending on how high you want to "play."

3. Not all are as advertised

4. Many claim to be full service but actually wind up having limited options.

5. Many think they are players but wind up washing out quickly.

6. Newer ones look exciting but the more established ones usually service you better.

7. "Sucking out" is good in both situations

8. Both are illegal in just about every state in the US.

9. Multi-sessioning can be very expensive

10. Many walk in with a wad of money but leave broke and drained.

And one final one from my friend:

"Playing online poker is like picking up a hooker. You might not get screwed, but you will leave broke."

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