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Neat Card Tricks Revealed

4 June 2009, By: Charlie River

If you can't beat them, cheat them. That could be the credo of many a skilled card sharp.

I heard of a world class card magician who had offered to deal the cards at a poker club, "even though I'm not very good at it". His friend took home some 100 grand during a couple of weeks. Two years later the guy shows up on TV as a top-notch card magician.

But of course, innocent card tricks are something else. Some are really neat party tricks. Watch the magic in these clips!

This is really cute:

Simple but smart:

Definitely never let this guy into a card room!

This is really cool and you can do it tomorrow:

This has a nice effect to it, even if the guy's show isn't that spiced up:

Finally we're getting to some stuff that's really useful: =)

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