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I Have Returned from the Wilderness

17 August 2010, By: compncards
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As you may have noticed, I have not updated my blog in over a week. That is the longest I have went on PokerJunkie without an update, but it was with good reason. I was working the past week at the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center in Appomattox, Va where I work a 4-H camp every summer.

4-H is a youth organization that holds clubs and activities through the year for kids from 5 to 19 years of age. One of the big events every year for the county is our camp. Except for 2008 and 2009, I have worked the camp every year since I was 13. Last year I was injured and the year before that I was working the 2008 WSOP for another site.

My job there is "Director of Boys." Essentially, I am the main go to person for the staff, teen counselors, etc in the event that the main agent is not available. I also handle a lot of discipline problems. We have 200 kids each year for the camp and fun is had by all in attendance.

Of course, camp is not camp without various non-poker cards games being played all the time. A big favorite is "Spoons." In spoons, each player gets 4 cards and you pass one card to your left and pick up one card from your right. Your object is to make four of a kind. Once you make the four of a kind, you then go for one of the spoons in the middle of the table. When someone goes to reach for a spoon, then anyone can go after a spoon. The one catch is that there is one fewer spoon than there are players. This can make for some zany fun, including my taking a chunk of meat out of a guys hand.

Of course, for some reason people think that poker ability translates into general card playing ability. I try and tell them that it isn't so, however, they tend not to believe me when they teach me new games and then beat them the first time. Very little poker was played at camp as they only wanted to play Holdem and playing Holdem for Life Savers just doesn't have any allure.

Ha, Ha!!  I beat compncards in speed!

Then again, if I could have gotten a certain hot 19ish redhead to play with us, I would have played pixie sticks to get her to sit down. Anywho, I am back now and ready to bring you the happenings in poker etc. Stay tuned.

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