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Five Reasons Why the WWE is Better than Full Tilt Poker

12 October 2011, By: compncards
Kelly Kelly Eve Ric Flair 219x300
Kelly Kelly Eve Ric Flair 219x300

As many of you know, I am a fan of professional wrestling. While many of you diss sports entertainment, at least they don't pretend that the show is on the level.

We can't same the same for Full Tilt Poker. Today, I give you five reasons the WWE is better than Full Tilt Poker.

1) Wrestling Divas Are Better Looking than Full Tilt Divas

Face it guys. Are there any women on Full Tilt's former roster that can compare to Kelly Kelly or Eve Torres?

I didn't think so.

2) Mark Henry is Much More Intimidating Than Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey has the stare of death at the poker tables, but chances are you aren't in any real danger of Phil kicking your ass.

However, if you had to face Mark Henry, someone's gonna get his ass kicked. It won't be Henry.

3) Fans of Pro Wrestling Proudly Wear Their WWE Gear, unlike Full Tilt players.

How many poker players lately do you see wearing their Full Tilt gear with pride?  None.

Why? They're ashamed of their product and pissed off that they may lose all their money.

WWE fans on the other hand love their product and wear their merchandise with pride.

4) Even Santino Can Kick Howard Lederer's Ass

How about this for a match Full Tilt fans?

Santino Marella vs. Howard Lederer.

I smell a squash match coming. Cobra!

5) Even Michael Cole Isn't As Annoying As Full Tilt's Press Releases

For poker players the last few months, there has been fewer things more annoying than Full Tilt Poker's press releases stating "we are working hard to get you repaid" when in reality they are broke.

I don't even think Michael Cole can annoy people as much as Full Tilt.

He may come close, but at least he can call a match.

Bonus: Fans Actually Get Something in Return for Giving WWE Money 

Unlike current Full Tilt players, when fans give their money to WWE, they at least get something in return.

Whether it's a live show experience, merchandise, DVDs or WWE Ice Cream Bars (see what I did there CM Punk fans), at least they get something in return.

Full Tilt players get ..."connection cannot be established."

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