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2010 WSOP Trip - Day 2 - Chasing My Father's Past

5 May 2010, By: compncards
Waynesville 430x287
Waynesville 430x287

So today was Day 2 of my cross country trip. Started in IN an went through part of Illinois before getting to MO. I saw St. Louis and the arch in the distance. I couldn’t get a good stopping spot to take a picture and I wasn’t going to detour an hour to do that.

Then my day took a bit of a turn. I noticed on the sign that I was 110 miles from Fort Leonard Wood. My father was stationed there during the Vietnam War and he used to tell me about this little town that he worked in. I decided that I would try and go find this little town if I could.

Now some of you may wonder why I would go do this and not go to St. Louis. Well, I am going to probably get to go to St. Louis again at some point in my life. It really isn’t a big deal. My father is a little bit older and cannot travel much. As a result, he may never get to go to that little town ever again “if” it existed still. So, I figured that would be worth the trip.

I say “if” because he was told by someone that the town had been leveled and an airport built over it. Anywho, I gave him a call and asked him the name of the town. He said Waynesville. So, I drove down 44 until I got to the exit for Ft. Leonard Wood. I turned to start going that direction with the expectation of maybe having some trouble trying to find an “old man’s memory.” That was until Waynesville –> was looking me right in the face. It was pointing down Old Route 66. (Yes, as in gets your kicks on Rte. 66.) I go down the road and pass some other little hole in the wall town. I go down a hill and lo an behold, “Waynesville, MO. Population 3,507.”

I call my father from my cell and tell him I found it and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half going around town taking pics of different buildings and trying to find the old places he used to work at and know.

By the way, this town was far from the town that was rumored to be leveled and turned into an airport. The town he remembers as a main street and a couple stores “across the bridge” is now a town that has multiple exits off the interstate. The only thing I didn’t find there was a Wal-Mart and you could go up the road a couple miles and find one of those.

I took several pictures and will take them back to him once I get home. I am pretty sure I found everything he was looking for and probably more.

Beyond that, the day was relatively uneventful. I saw the largest rocking chair in the world. For the 2nd night in a row, a poker player is running the hotel I am staying in. Tonight, I am in Weatherford, Oklahoma. The guy that checked me in has 2 buddies that deal at a nearby casino and he is going to play in the 1k donkament on May 29th.

I am finally to Interstate 40, so the rest of my trip will be old hat. I will go through the rest of Oklahoma tomorrow and pass through Texas and New Mexico. Will probably win up middle way through Arizona before I stop.

More tomorrow.

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