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Claims Process Begins for Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet

10 April 2017, By: compncards
If you were a former player on Absolute Poker or UB, then Black Friday effectively meant the end of your bankroll.

After the Black Friday shutdowns AP went bankrupt and it seemed that player balances were lost forever.

Not so fast. On Monday, the Department of Justice announced the Garden City Group has launched and former players can now file a petition for their funds.

Remission Process Similar to that of Full Tilt Poker 

Anyone that went through the process of filing a claim for their former Full Tilt Poker balances will be familiar with the workings of this site.

For the rest of you Garden City Group may send you an email with a Petition Number and a Control Number that can be used to start your claim.

If you don't receive an email, or don't want to wait for one, you can try and look up your balance by entering your old AP or UB username and the email that you were using when playing there.

Once correct information is entered you will then need to verify your personal information. You'll need to enter a current email, phone number and your SSN or EIN. After entering this information you will then be presented your account balance.

If correct you can conclude the claim. Otherwise, you will need to upload documents to substantiate what you believe the correct balance to be.

I personally tested this process and can confirm that they had my correct balance.

You May or May Not Receive Your Full Balance

Many that filed their Full Tilt Poker claims with Garden City Group received their full balances listed on the claim. That may not be the case this time around.

On the main page of the claims website there is a disclaimer about payments. Claims will be paid out based on the amount of forfeited funds remaining from AP.

If claims exceed that amount, then players will be paid out on a "pro rata basis." Considering that AP's parent company was forced into bankruptcy following Black Friday, the amount of forfeited funds is unknown.

Those of you that choose to file a claim should be prepared for the reality that your payout may be cents on the dollar. If anything, this process will finally bring closure to some that never received a dime from AP or UB.

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