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Chris Bell Wins 2010 WSOPC Regional Championship

30 December 2010, By:
The last major poker event of 2010 kicked off last Sunday as the Easter Regional Championship commenced at Harrah's Atlantic City.
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The last major poker event of 2010 kicked off on Sunday as the Easter Regional Championship commenced at Harrah's Atlantic City.

One hundred and thirty-six players turned out for the event in hope of making the final table and a guaranteed seat into the National Championship finals in May. In addition, the winner took home $358,295.

Several big names went deep in this event. Among those finishing in the money were Eugene Katchalov in 15th, Victor Ramdin in 12th, and Beth Shak finished in 11th place.

The AC Circuit Main Event Champion Matthew Waxman had already sealed his bid into the National Championship event last week, but was looking to make the final table of this event as well. Unfortunately, he finished the event as the bubble boy, going out in 10th place.

Andy Frankenberger and Chris Bell headlined the final table of this event. Frankenberger has over $1 Million in tournament winnings in 2010 and Bell won the $5,000 PL Omaha Hi-Lo Event at the 2010 WSOP.

Every player at the final table locked up their seat into the National Championship freeroll in May that will award a WSOP bracelet to the winner. 2009 Harrahs AC Main Event Champion Chris Klodnicki was the chip leader heading into the final table.

Here is how the final table started in chips:

Seat 1:           Chris Bell                                                706,000

Seat 2:           Michah Raskin                                         594,000

Seat 3:           Ketan Pandya                                          377,000

Seat 4:           Nicholas Mitchell                                      332,000

Seat 5:           Todd Terry                                               307,000

Seat 6:           Andrew Frankenberger                              230,000

Seat 7:           Jason Burt                                               579,000

Seat 8:           Chris Klodnicki                                         759,000

Seat 9:           Seth Fischer                                            217,000

After a lengthy final table, heads-up play was between Chris Bell and Chris Klodnicki.  The stacks were relatively even going into heads-up play, but what could have been a long night of poker turned into a relatively short match after a major clash between the two.

The final hand saw the two players take a flop of 6c-5d-3h. Klodnicki bet out 225,000 and then Bell moved all-in. Klodnicki made the call with 6h-4d for top pair and an open ended draw.

Bell flipped over pocket threes for a set. The turn 9d and river Qc missed both players and Chris Bell is the Eastern Regional Champion.

For his win, Chris Bell took home $358,295 and the gold Championship ring. He also received his seat into the National Championship at Caesars Palace on May 27th.

A prize pool of $1 Million will be awarded to the final table with the winner taking home a WSOP bracelet.

Below are the final table payouts:

1                    Chris Bell                           358,295

2                    Chris Klodnicki                    221,452

3                    Ketan Pandya                     159,851

4                    Micah Raskin                      117,457

5                    Todd Terry                           87,808

6                    Andy Frankenberger              66,758

7                    Jason Burt                            51,607

8                    Nick Mitchell                         40,538

9                    Seth Fischer                         32,362


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