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Chip 4 a Chair

Sending up the Bat-Signal

1 29 March 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
Well here it is Sunday again, isn't it funny how it always seem to come at the same time every week?  It has been a very tough week for Chip for a Chair.   I have been holding onto these three books for a little over a week.   It hasn't gotten so bad, I am checking my email 5-6 times a day just to see if I get a hit.   I also posted the books on a few different trade/barter websites.

Chip for a Chair Update

3 21 March 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
As of today it has been two weeks since I started my adventure.   When I began I was hoping that it would take off like wildfire.    Seeing myself at the WSOP seemed like a sure thing.   Just as when you have any new idea it burns in your mind like red hot embers.

An Amateur's Dream

3 15 March 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
Driving between towns in the Texas Panhandle I had a lot of time to think.   Over the last few years my interest in poker has peaked and waned.   I have always been a fan of the game but it seems that I go in spurts where I play a whole lot, and then play very little.   A couple of years ago I was playing in the now defunct Texas Poker League, a free bar league, and made it to two State Finals.