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Cash in on Extra Perks and Promos for Rakeback Players

8 July 2011, By:

Since these promotions are offered directly by RakeBrain out of their own pocket it won't impact your rakeback payment if you win money, as can be the case sometime with cash bonuses offered by the site where you have a rakeback deal.

The most common rakeback offers (and the easiest to cash in on) are rake chases and rake races, which both use the same basic method to reward players with some extra cash but have a few slight differences.

In a rake race, players battle it out for position on a monthly leaderboard with top positions getting paid a certain amount.

Rake chases also tend to be monthly contests, but they reward multiple players for reaching certain levels, such as paying $100 to every player that rakes $1,000, or $200 extra to the first 20 players that rake $2,000 at a certain site.

Both rake chases and rake races are specific to individual sites, so players have the chance to compete in different rake chases or races during the same month if they have rakeback on multiple sites.

The WSOP is one of the most exciting times of the years for poker fans rakeback sites usually offer up exclusive races, chases and promos to send its players to Vegas to participate.

RakeBrain for example offers a WSOP staking promo that sends one player to the WSOP with an all expenses paid trip including the $10,000 buy-in to the Main Event

All players who play a raked hand during April and May qualify for a semi-final freeroll that will send the top six finishers onto the final. They'll join six other RakeBrain VIP members in the final, with the winner of that 12 person tournament receiving the staking deal for the WSOP Main Event.

Prize covers the buy-in, hotel, and airfare, as well as 50% of any money they win -- with the other 50% of any prize money they win going to extra freerolls and promotions for the RakeBrain community in coming months.

Like other promos, it doesn't cost members anything and doesn't impact how much rakeback they'll get paid for their online play.

These types are common on rakeback sites, and a good way for players to cash in on even more than the standard monthly rakeback.

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