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Nolan Dalla's Warning About an Online Poker Ban Should Not Be Ignored

22 February 2015 , By: compncards
Online Poker Ban
Rewind to late 2013 when Sheldon Adelson announced that he was going to form a Coalition to Stop Intenet Gambling. Many in the poker community scoffed at the audacity of the man and many felt that he had little to no chance of winning. Then RAWA appeared and again people scoffed at Adelson. RAWA didn't go away and by the time the Lame Duck rolled around, and all of a sudden, he was a credible threat.
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If Poker Is Evil - Then Evil Must Be Good

23 October 2014 , By: compncards
There is a video floating around the poker community where Nolan Dalla is making fun of Daniel Colman's claim that poker. Check it out below. The whole Daniel Colman situation reminds me of the movie Vampire in Brooklyn and the scene where the vampire (played by Eddie Murphy) was preaching that "Evil must be Good. " I think we can all agree that earning $20 million in a year is good.
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Poker Needs More Hot Redheads

2 28 October 2010 , By: compncards
Isla Fisher Redhead 220x300
I was up late, as usual, and I got to thinking about how that poker could be made better. Knowing me, it only took 45 seconds before the idea struck me. More redheads in poker. And hot redheads at that.
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WSOP Coverage Day 6 - Nolan Dalla's Prop Bet Epic Fail

3 June 2010 , By: compncards
Dalla and Ciresi 430x286
Day 6 of the WSOP is plugging right along. The final table of both the $1,000 and $1,500 NL Holdem are both underway. One of the final tables is on the feature table right in front of the media booth and the rail is rather close to the tables that are still playing the six-handed event. The reason I mention this is that there has been an extended discussion between two of the Harrah’s staff members about the rail.
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Ivey Vs. Ungar

1 13 August 2009 , By: compncards
iveyungar 300x191
Nolan Dalla was recently asked to give his thoughts about who was the better player between Stu Ungar and Phil Ivey. Ultimately, Dalla stated that over the long haul, Ivey would have the advantage due to his ability to stay focused. However, if it was a one shot deal, such as the WSOP Main Event, he hinted that he thought Ungar would have the advantage. Dalla brought up a great point regarding the final table.
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