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High Stakes Poker on GSN Cancelled

8 December 2011 , By: compncards
AJ and Gabe 404x300
Earlier today, Buzzblog. com revealed that High Stakes Poker is no longer on the schedule for GSN starting in January. I told you so!!! I said back when Norm MacDonald started this year that he would be the death of the show.   (Black Friday obviously helped a little.
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Season 7 High Stakes Poker Thoughts

20 March 2011 , By: compncards
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While I didn't think I would do so, I have watched every episode this season of High Stakes Poker on GSN.   Here are a few of my thoughts on the season so far. 1.   Is it me or does Doyle look like he isn't having any fun in this game?  He seems like he would rather be anywhere than on the show.
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Norm MacDonald Isn't As Bad As We Thought - He's Worse

5 28 February 2011 , By: compncards
Godzilla Facepalm 430x260
A few weeks ago, it was announced that Norm MacDonald was going to be the new host of High Stakes Poker. Back then, I said I thought this would be a bad move. While I believed what I wrote, I never expected the performance I listened to last night. [assets/Uploads/Blog/Godzilla-Facepalm.
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Producers Screw Up Season Seven of High Stakes Poker

2 7 February 2011 , By: compncards
The announcement was made today that Gabe Kaplan is out as the host of High Stakes Poker and in his place, we get comedian Norm McDonald.   In addition, this season if High Stakes Poker will be in 3-D.   Also, no Full Tilt Pro's will appear on the show. First, I hate the McDonald move.
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Doyle Brunson Considering Leaving Las Vegas

20 January 2011 , By: compncards
Doyle Brunson revealed in his blog Tuesday that he is considering leaving Las Vegas due to the lack of high limit action.   He stated that Vegas is not a very desirable place for a poker pro anymore. Doyle's consideration of moving to California is a good one in my opinion.   Personally, if I were to move someone just for the sake of playing poker, California would be one of the first places that I would consider.
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High Stakes Poker Has Become Brutal

3 22 February 2010 , By: compncards
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Last night I watch High Stakes Poker for the first time since they have went over to the new format. OMG it was brutal. While I like Gabe Kaplan, he seriously needed AJ Benza there or some type of wingman. The banter that the two had back and forth was sorely missed.
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Doyle Wants Eye Candy on High Stakes Poker

20 October 2009 , By: compncards
I woke up today to discover the following tweet from Doyle Brunson: “TexDolly: ok, no Vanessa on High Stakes Poker as a commentator. My votes are Lacey, Shana, or Amanda. Eye candy is always nice :-)” Now before Lady Junkie gets on here writing up a blog about Doyle being a sexist bastard, I wanted to comment on Doyle’s choices. Lacey Jones: I know that I am wired weird, but I do not find Lacey all that uber-hot.
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It's Benza Good Knowing Ya

13 October 2009 , By: compncards
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It looks like AJ Benza has been replaced for the next season of High Stakes Poker. According to Benza's blog, he has been replaced with a currently unnamed female host. I am not sure exactly what I think about this move by GSN. I will admit that I have never been a big fan of Benza, but at the same time, I think that he and Kaplan work well together.
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Gus Hansen Giving Away Money Again

29 August 2009 , By: compncards
gushansen 300x200
Lately, I have been "covering" some online high stakes poker games online. (Covering meaning I let them run in the background and I go back and pull the interesting hands from hand history. ) I almost feel bad for Gus Hansen in a way, or at least I did this past week. Most of the time that I was looking over hand histories, he was losing buy-in after buy-in.
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