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Brad Daugherty's Bracelet Doesn't Sell - Again

1 3 August 2011 , By: compncards
Daughtery Bracelet 430x286
I just read that 1991 WSOP Main Event Champ Brad Daugherty failed to sell his bracelet yet again on eBay. He tried to do so in December of last year and it failed to sell. This time, bids went up to $28,100 and yet it didn't meet whatever reserve he put on the bracelet. The first thought that came to my head is "What the fuck?" The bracelet is worth maybe $3k, if that, if you melted it down for scrap gold.
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eBay Removes Eskimo Clark's 1999 WSOP Bracelet After Auction Closes

2 8 December 2010 , By: compncards
Eskimo Clark
As most of you know, Eskimo Clark's 1999 WSOP bracelet recently sold for $4,050 on eBay. Those that follow my blog and Twitter also know that I was one of the bidders on the bracelet and stopped pursuing it after the bidding exceeded $4,000. Granted, had I known that $4,100 would have won the item, I may have bid again. In the end, it looks like it may have been a good thing I didn't win it as eBay sent me a notice today stating that the item was REMOVED from eBay.
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