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Bodog to Offer the Equivalent of TV Poker With Hole Cards

1 16 March 2012 , By: compncards
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Bodog now has a feature that allows you to request the hole cards of players at your table 24 hours after a hand is completed. The company decided to do this to address the concerns of players regarding collusion. However, I like the statement that they made regarding the new feature. Bodog said that, "Once all the noise of whining poker 'pros' who could no longer use software allowing access to data on how you play your game against Bodog players died down the only credible complaint was the threat of collusion," Very nice.
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Bodog Indicted - Are We Surprised?

28 February 2012 , By: compncards
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By now, most of you know that Bodog. com and its founder Calvin Ayre was indicted as well as three other defendants. This indictment didn't really shock or surprise me, or really anyone that has followed online poker's legal battle since last year. The real surprise comes in the fact that it took them 10 months to file this indictment.
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Jamie Gold Loses Another Endorsement - So What Else is New?

3 6 May 2009 , By: compncards
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News has just been released out that Jamie Gold has lost his much publicized agreement with Aced. com poker. Gold and his representatives claim that Aced has not provided payment in connection with promotional services he and his agent provided during an Oscar Night’s poker event and at the Irish Poker Open. This is the second endorsement dealt that has gone sour for Gold since winning the Main Event.
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