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Biggest online pot ever?

9 September 2008, By:
Danish pro Peter W Jepsen won $499k in a pot against Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

Danish pro Peter W Jepsen won $499k in a pot against Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

After a period of absence from the high stakes online poker scene, Peter Jepsen appeared in a one particularly wild Texas holdem session on Full Tilt Poker.

Phil Ivey, durrrr, OMGClayAiken, whitelime and other players came and went as Jepsen won and lost a number of huge pots against them.

Jepsen started out by losing $200 K and later in the same session he lost a $445 K with a busted flush draw against durrrr's full house.

But the bottom line was all black for Jepsen who won several pots over $200K, before the hand of the might came up.

Jepsen and Dwan were playing in a four-handed No-Limit Texas Hold'em game at Full Tilt Poker. Jepsen raised to $3,500 from the button and durrrr in the small blind was the only player to call. Both players were deep-stacked; Jepsen sitting with $319,020 and Dwan with $700,528.

The flop came Tc-8h-7d. durrrr bet $6,300 and Jepsen called.

The As fell on the turn and this time Dwan bet $17,800. Jepsen raised to $59,200 and Dwan called.

The river was the 4h. durrrr checked to Jepsen, who bet $180,000, leaving $70,000 behind, and Dwan called.

Jepsen showed 9d-6h for a ten-high straight and durrrr mucked his hand. The Dane took home the gigantic pot - $499,037.

Whether this is the biggest online pot ever is debatable. On June 26 Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz won $585,009 a pot against TonyBlair, but according to many sources in the industry that was two buddies messing around rather than a real game of poker.

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