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Great GTD Poker Tourneys for All Players - $16 000 in Prize Pool Every Day!

10 April 2008, By:

20 GTD Tournaments Every Day For All

Guaranteed Tournaments is often perceived to be expensive tournaments only played by professionals and high stakes players. This might be true for other poker rooms but with Betfair Poker all players, no matter the level, have a chance to get their piece of the guaranteed prize pool. Buy-in stretches between as little as $5 to the steady sum of $500. The prize pool that is guaranteed, not depending on how many players register, varies from $300 to over $30 000.

Check out Sundays' $100 000 GTD

Betfair Poker is definitely the best poker room if you want to become a skilled tournament player. With GTD's on all levels the player can start low and practice and gradually have chance on the really big prize poll. We're talking about the $100 000 GTD prize pool offered every Sunday. First prize will give around $30 000.

Daily $16 000 GTD Tournament

It is not a surprise that the world's best tournaments players, like Annette 15, have chosen to play exclusively on Betfair Poker. The possibilities are endless with chances of great earnings and success offered on a daily basis. Each day Betfair Poker gives away $16 000 to skilled players. Who knows, you might be one of them.

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