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Grab a Slice of $40,000 Each Month in the Betfair Poker Leaderboards

10 April 2008, By:

Different Stakes - Different Leaderboards

There are separate leaderboards for different stakes and game varieties. In other words, they're not aimed solely at high-stakes cash game players as is often the case. For example: If you play mainly small-stakes sit & go's with $2.50 or $5 buy-ins, you'll be entered into the Barcelona leaderboard and if you perform well, you can win $250 with no strings attached.

The rewards are, however, proportionate to the risk - high stakes players can win up to $3,000. In all, there are 12 separate leaderboards available: three for fixed limit cash games, three for pot-limit and no-limit cash games, two MTT leaderboards and four different Sit & Go leaderboards.

Another Month - Another leaderboard

All of the Betfair Poker leaderboards are run on a month by month basis, so that all players - old and new - have a chance to make a mark on a leaderboard. Each month also means another $40,000 that's up for grabs across the leaderboards.

Cash game leaderboard points are calculated as follows:

1000(Σ (profit / big blind) / ³Square root(Σ hands played))

MTT leaderboard points are awarded based on the player's position "in the money" - number of players in the tournament divided by your position multiplied by 30. Players who do not make the money lose 100 points.

In Sit & Go tournaments you earn leaderboard points based on your position in the money as well - in a six seater for instance, 1st place is worth 4 points and 2nd is worth 2 points. The grand total is the cumulative amount of points earned minus Sit & Go's played multiplied by 100.


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