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Best Poker Sites to Make Money

13 September 2010, By:
This is an eternal discussion in online poker: Where is it easiest to make money? Which poker site has the softest opponents, best value in tournaments and most valuable promotions?

Let us give you our opinion on this matter.

You can often read in poker-room reviews about the softness of the games, almost like soft games are created by the software and never change.

In reality, a poker site is created by its players, and since players come and go, the dynamics at a site constantly changes.

So determining where the best games are right now is not as easy as some people make it sound.

High Influx on Players = Dead Money

As a general rule, up-and-coming poker sites have substandard poker players.

New poker rooms that try to become a presence in this highly competitive industry have to attract new players who haven't played that much poker before - often with large bonus deals and through heavy advertising.

If they succeed to create a decent player base, you can assume the average player there is not as skilled as in the big, traditional online-poker rooms.

You can expect fewer grinders who win constantly at their level.

And since you, given that you are a winning player, also can benefit from the large bonus when signing up, a new site is often the best poker site to make money at.

The Big Score is Made at the Big Sites

If you look for a huge payout in a big Sunday-style tournament, a newly established poker site might not be the best choice.

The poker giants, like PokerStars and Full Tilt, have such a big player base that their tournaments often offer six-figure prizes.

And since players win seats in these events via satellites throughout the week, the standard of play isn't as good as you might expect (read: there are donkeys at Stars too.)

Don't Stick around If You're Losing

We won't give you a list of the top sites to make money at. It changes and also depends on who you are as a player.

Our suggestion is that you try a site, preferably one of the smaller ones, and get a feeling of the play. How good the standard player is, if there are some rally bad players you can chase around, if there's a good promotion you can clear and so on.

You will know when you have an edge on your opponents.

But most importantly, if you say to yourself "the players here are actually quite good," you should move your bankroll to another site.

There is easy money to be made but you might have to do some investigation.

Our list of the best poker sites is a great place to start looking.

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