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Omaha H/L the real deal!

30 May 2005, By:
In regular Omaha you are dealt 4 cards. You can only use TWO of your hole cards to make the best hand possible. (there is a flop just like hole'em). But the poker Gods decided to put a twist on omaha and make Omaha H/L also.

Omaha H/L you are dealt 4 cards, and you can only use two of your hole cards, just like regular omaha. The "twist" there is a LO which is the lowest average for a hand. There is both a high and and LO hand possiblity. If two players have two different hands, one with a low one with a high the post is split 1/2 and the one with the Lo wins the LO pot the one witht eh high wins the high pot. If two people are playing for the same pot, most likely one of them will have the LO and one will have the High. The best low possible would be A,2,3,4,5 which averages a 3 (it will also win the high pot with a straight, unless someone has a higher straight). The goal of H/L is to have the lowest average for the LO pot. For the high pot, its just like regualr hold'em, you are trying to make the best hand from a high card to a royal flush.

The best omaha H/L hand would all have to agree would be A,2,A,2 or A,2,X,X ect... The goal is to have the best high and the best low correct? The reason i think A,2,A,2 is the best hand is, you have 2 of the 4 aces and 2 of the 4 Deuces. So there is a very small chance that your opponents will have an Ace or Deuce. Also there is a pretty good chance you will hit a nice LO average or a nice high with maybe trips.

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