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A few tips for live poker

30 March 2005, By:
Firstly, not all casinos have poker card rooms, and secondly, they might only have games on certain nights. Before visiting the casino, remember to phone and check if they have a card room and what games they will be playing that night. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a taxi or petrol getting to the casino only to hear the bad news. 10 tips for live poker
Tip 1: Sitting at table limits that suit you

Tip 2: Table Stakes

Tip 3: Waiting for the Big Blind

Tip 4: Do not pick up your cards

Tip 5: Protecting your cards

Tip 6: Always act in turn

Tip 7: Don?t splash the pot

Tip 8: Don?t make string bets

Tip 9: Don?t slow down the game

Tip 10: Don?t give out information

Extra Tip: Respect other players and the dealer

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