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Why Play Tournament Poker?

13 March 2005, By:
Why play tournament poker? Those lucky enough to own the book Tournament Poker For Advanced Players by David Sklansky have more then likely read his interpretation of why you should take up Tournament Poker. In my first chapter of my public ?blog book? ill try to explain.

The most obvious reason is because you have a shot at winning some big prize money, from a few hundred to a few million dollars for the top spots. The other reasons are it can help balance your game by keeping your mind fresh.

So why are poker tournaments so lucrative?

A large percentage of the field are dead money. They go into tournament poker for a few different reasons, the main two being either they want a shot at the big prize or they are losing regularly at the standard side games and decide to give tournament poker a try. In most cases, their results will be the same.

Most good tournament players are already well experienced and beating the standard ring games, at home, live or online. Assuming this is correct then you have an edge on a large percentage of the field. Tournament poker offers more manoeuvrability, by this I mean a decent ring game player will be able to make adjustments from their standard side game. A large percentage of the field will not understand how to make adjustments, maybe not even understand what the adjustments are, or fail to understand when to incorporate them.

So why is poker tournament becoming more popular?

Welcome to the online world of poker! Before hand the risk factor in tournament play was very high and minus expected value. By this I mean you had to travel in most cases to play in a tournament live, which could include fees from overnight accommodation, petrol, plane fares etc. Plus once your playing a tournament you cannot play the ring game that you so frequently might be beating. This day and age we are lucky enough to have numerous online poker sites offering small to major multi player tournament events. This is great for the expert player, being able to play in profitable events without forking out for too many expenses, besides the obvious of Internet connection and the buy in. Also we have the advantage of being able to play in numerous side games whilst playing in the main event. Not to mention everything being on hand from snacks to drink, and I don?t mean beer guys!

So which would you consider playing? Live or online?

Clearly the most sensible and profitable would be to play online tournaments, cutting out the expenses of playing live. Saying that, despite the long-term profitability of playing live I consider live tournaments to be more exciting then online tournaments. There is more emotion with every move you make live, be it fold, raise, call or a bluff.

Any last bit of advice before I go and sign up for a tournament?

Remember the harder you work in the poker the most successful you will become. Make sure you?re beating the standard side game before you play in any large buy in tournaments.

Learning how and when to change gears is a must.

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