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Advertising Plays In No Limit Texas Holdem - Texas holdem strategy

28 July 2008, By:
An important technique to use when playing no limit Texas hold'em, either in tournaments or cash games, is the advertising play.

An advertising play helps increase deception, making your opponents' decisions more difficult, an important goal in no limit.

What Is an Advertising Play in No Limit Texas Hold'em?

An advertising play occurs play when you reveal an aspect of your play, so that you can take advantage when other players try to exploit the information later.

You do not reveal that this is your intention at the time you are advertising, as this will alert opponents to be cautious.

What Is a Good Example of an Advertising Play in No Limit Texas Hold'em?

You've been playing tight, and every time you get a good hand and bet, everyone folds. Finally, you are dealt 8s4s in late position.

You decide to call the flop which comes 3h 6d 9s. Everyone checks to you and you check. The turn is a 2c. An early position player bets $15, a middle position player calls and you decide to call.

The river is the 6c. The other two players check and you put in a bet of $50. The other players, realizing how tight you have been, fold immediately.

Here's where the advertising comes. You now flip over your rags.

In addition to winning a decent pot, you have now shown opponents that you are capable of bluffing.

You should now be able to bet your strong hands and have a very good chance to get action on them.

What Should You Know About Advertising?

Advertising plays only work against players who are savvy enough to notice them.

If you are playing opponents who are only paying attention to their own hands, advertising is a waste of time.

Similarly, if you are in a tournament where tables are frequently broken up, it may not be worth it to try to advertise.

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