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5 Ways to Avoid Embarassment at WSOP

2 July 2015, By:

Every year, there are things that occur at the WSOP that defy explanation and are the result of players not paying attention.

Below are five ways to avoid embarrassing yourself at the World Series of Poker.

1. Make Sure You Register for the Right Tournament

In case you haven't already heard, Christian Pham won the $1,500 NL 2-7 Lowball Event last week after accidentally registering for the wrong tournament.

This isn't the first time that someone has registered for the wrong event and found out after they started playing, but it is the first time they won the bracelet.

Most of us are not like Pham. If we don't know how to play a certain variant of poker, it is unlikely we will be able to learn the game in one night and go wire-to-wire to win the bracelet.

The lesson here is to check your ticket to make sure you're registered for the right event. A few seconds to look things over at the checkout line can save you some embarrassment later.

2. Check Out the Structures BEFORE The Tournament Series

There's currently controversy brewing at the WSOP over the fact that the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship has been switched to 10-Game with NL 2-7 and Limit Badugi added.

While this change was made well before the WSOP, players are just now catching on and complaining that the event should be changed back to 8-Game.

The WSOP puts out the structures for their events months in advance online and these changes were available for all to see.

Too often, you will see people not bother to do their research prior to the start of a tournament and then complain when it doesn't meet their personal requirements.

Whether it is the WSOP or your local $500 monthly, check the structure ahead of time so you stay informed.

3. Keep Your Seat Tickets and Chip Count Tickets

Two common issues that tournament officials run into at the WSOP are people who have lost their table and players that either didn't "report" or have misplaced their end-of-day chip count ticket.

A player getting lost at the WSOP happens most commonly because a table is broken and the player wasn't there when chips were moved. This makes holding onto your original seat card imperative so your floor person can point you to where the table was broken.

In lieu of a seat card, make sure you try to remember some of the folks at your table. You don't have to know their life stories but pay attention to what they wore, any unusual characters, etc.

That will help you avoid floor staff from having to announce to the world, "This player is lost. Does anyone recognize him?"

For chip count tickets your best bet is to make sure you report with your name and chip count regardless of how few you finished the day with.

After you fill out your slip, why not take a picture or tweet the chip count card so that you have a record when it gets lost?

4. Don't Wait Until Last Minute to Get To Your Event

While tournaments offer late registration it's not always wise to wait until the very last minute to try to head out to the Rio to play in an event.

Accidents happen as does rush-hour traffic and other general delays that can turn a 20-minute trip to the Rio into a two-hour adventure. Give yourself plenty of time to get to an event.

If you show up early for a tournament there are plenty of cash games and other games you can rail. Of course, there is always the novel concept of actually jumping in during the early levels.

If you're one that has pre-registered it is important you show up before the end of the second level in events as failure to do so will result in you being a "no-show" and having your stack pulled.

If you're not going to be on time don't pre-register for a tournament. Just register before late registration ends to make sure you can play.

5. Medical or Otherwise, Weed Doesn't Play at the Rio

In today's society one would think that players wouldn't have to be told to not bring weed to a major poker event. However every year there are players that are busted for bringing pot to the Rio.

Marijuana is not permitted on Rio grounds and you are subject to search if suspected of smoking pot. This also applies to those of you that use pot on a "medicinal basis."

If you have to light up, do so off property and make sure you're not carrying nor have any in your car. This can result in a lifetime ban from the WSOP, so don't take chances with your poker career.

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