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5 Ways Online Bracelet Revolutionizes WSOP

16 March 2015, By:

This monumental event was inevitable once online poker became legal in the United States.

While this initial offering is limited in scope it's just the first step for what's to come.

Looking forward to the future we present five reasons online bracelet events will benefit the World Series of Poker brand.

1. Unlimited Seating Capacity

A major advantage to having an online bracelet event versus a standard live event is unlimited seating capacity.

Those that have played in the Rio over the years understand the challenges that occur due to limited space at times.

In the past these challenges have forced cash games and satellites to shut down, players to be moved to other areas of the casino not normally used for tournaments and even delayed start times to wait for tables to open.

With an online event your only limitation is the capacity of the server hosting the event. As an example, PokerStars has the ability to host over 100,000 players simultaneously.

While we don't expect an online bracelet event to ever come close to 100,000 entrants, the ability to do so is there.

2. Play for a Bracelet Anywhere Legal

While the first online bracelet event is confined to the state of Nevada we predict that in the future players will be able to play in an online bracelet event wherever WSOP operates legally.

The current format requires the final players to come out to Las Vegas to finish the event but every stage of the event up to this point will happen from wherever they like.

Imagine battling for a WSOP bracelet while lounging in your bed or watching Steve Harvey.

It will happen.

3. Ability to Explore All Price Points

In the future, expect online bracelet events to explore multiple price points and maybe even price points that are atypical for the WSOP.

Currently, bracelet events average a buy-in of $1,000.

This year is the first year that any events outside of the Casino Employees Event have been offered below the $1,000 limit. An online bracelet could offer the opportunity for the WSOP to offer cheaper buy-in events without a major sacrifice in prize pools.

Please note that these price points will be a thing of the future as it would not be feasible to offer $500 online bracelet events that just reach Nevada players.

However, once online compacts with New Jersey are formed and other states such as California are online, it could happen.

4. Ability to Spread More Mixed Events

The World Series of Poker has made an effort to offer one of the most comprehensive spreads of poker tournaments imaginable. While this is admirable, it does come with some challenges.

For example finding dealers that are familiar enough with all the different variants can be a challenge. While the WSOP does train the dealers to make up for any lack of mixed-game skills, there are always complaints.

Online bracelets would allow the WSOP to offer a wider spread of mixed games, especially at the lower price points such as $1,000 to $3,000.

Adding more online mixed events will not only draw the specialists out in force but also give amateurs the chance to try their luck without the pressures of playing live.

This would be an excellent vehicle to test out new tournament variants to see if the popularity is there or as a way to draw the true degenerates online. Open Face Pineapple anyone?

5. Worldwide Bracelet Events Are Possible

Looking far into the future the possibility exists to have a truly global WSOP bracelet event thanks to online poker.

If it ran completely online this would naturally happen once online poker in the U.S. reaches the phase where international compacts are in place.

Another option would be to have country specific tournaments that play to a final table or even the final three and those three then fly out to another location to play the final table live.

Global bracelet events have the potential to produce the largest online poker field in history and crown a true World Champion of Poker.

It's definitely something to look forward to.

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