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5 Times You Should Bet Into Scary Boards in Texas Hold'em

2 August 2016, By: compncards
Discretion is the better part of valor, or such is the claim.

However, in poker, aggression is king. There are times where you have to throw caution to the wind in order to build a stack.

This means that we sometimes have to make bets when the board is scary and we're either bluffing or betting with a second-best hand.

Knowing that our opponents are experiencing the same scenarios, knowing when to bet into scary boards is one of the keys to winning at Texas Hold'em.

Below are five times you should bet into scary boards.

1. Paired Board on the Flop

When there's a pair on the flop, this is a good time to try and bluff at the pot to represent trips. Your bet is going to be more believable if the board also presents straight or flush draws.

When draws present, bet like you're trying to chase out draws. Most often, when you bet on a paired flop, you're going to take the pot.

If you play enough poker you'll notice that the first person to bet into a pot when there's a paired flop will win the pot.

2. Flop Checked Around, Ace or Other Scare Card Pairs Turn

You see a flop with one or two players and an ace hits the flop. The turn then pairs that ace. At this point, the chances of one of the other players having trip aces is pretty slim.

Many players will put in a bet on the flop when they hit their pair of aces, especially if they raised pre-flop. If nobody bets when an ace (or other scare card) hits the flop and then the board pairs on the turn, you may be able to take the pot with a bet.

If you flop second pair in the same situation, treat this as a value-bet situation on the turn. Either event, a player is only going to call or raise you if they have the goods - or if they're Daniel Negreanu and can read your soul.

3. Turn and River Complete Runner-Runner Flush

The flop falls Jd-8c-3s. The turn and river are both spades. This is a perfect situation to run a bluff to represent that you just hit runner-runner flush.

If you're in position and action is checked, throw out a value-bet sized to make your opponent think you want a call.

Otherwise, if you're planning to bluff at this, be prepared to put in a river raise to take the pot.

This move works best against a player you're certain will lay down hands like top-pair with strong kicker and the like.

4. Turn and River Pair Up

When the turn and river pair up, there's a solid chance that someone just hit runner-runner trips. If this happens and action is checked to you, don't be afraid to put out a bet to try and buy the pot.

You can also lead out on the river if you're out of position. If you have been checking along the way, this is going to look just like you sucked out on the end.

5. Two Pair on Board with Low Card 

The board is double paired on the turn and the river presents a low card and action is checked to you.

What do you do in this scenario? This is a great time to throw out a bet.

The timid player is going to give you credit for having a full house while the smarter player is going to think you have an ace or king in your hand.

Unless they have an ace, king or they are slow playing a full house, this type of bet will win you the pot a solid percentage of the time.

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