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5 Rules of Thumb to Help You Beat Micro-Stakes Poker Cash Games

21 November 2016, By: compncards
Micro-stakes online poker cash games are a great place for beginning players to learn the ins and outs of online poker and build a bankroll.

By playing a solid strategy and playing a straightforward game you'll be able to crush micro stakes cash games and move up to the middle (and maybe eventually) the higher stakes.

1. Limit Your Bluffing

There are players at the micro stakes who love to call bets and chase down draws no matter what. Because of that you need to limit your bluffing against these calling stations.

Trying to bluff players who love to call is a sure fire way to lose a big pot to a fish that calls you down with bottom pair. 

Instead, when you miss the flop in a heads-up pot against an obvious calling station, slow down.

2. Value Betting

Another key to playing to beating micro-stakes online poker cash games is value betting. When you have a quality hand on the river it is essential that you value bet.

While you may get played back at occasionally the benefits greatly outweigh the risk. Players at the micro stakes love to call with hands like bottom pair on the river and it's important that you exploit their tendencies and maximize your potential profits on these hands.

When value betting at the micro stakes you should size your bets accordingly. When playing a player that rarely folds, it's OK to make your value bets slightly larger than you would if you were playing high stakes.

3. Stay Away From Fancy Play

Third, don’t fall victim to fancy play syndrome. Just because you may be the best player at the table does not mean you should try to out play the other players at the table on every hand.

Instead, stick to a basic, straightforward strategy. Many of the players at micro stakes cash games do not pay much attention to what is going on and other players' strategies.

Many simply play their cards and try to win every pot. Instead of trying to win every pot, fold your weaker hands and concentrate on winning the most money when you are dealt a premium hand.

4. Hand Reading

One of the most important factors for winning at any level of poker is being able to put your opponents on a range of hands. Many players at micro stakes cash games are very easy to read.

They will rarely bluff and when they have a strong hand they will make big bets. Because of this you should use your head and remember to not try and out play your opponents.

If they're making big bets pre-flop and on multiple streets, it's probably best to fold and move onto the next hand instead of trying to out play them.

Remember, players at the micro stakes rarely fold and it can be nearly impossible to bluff some players.

5. Push Your Premium Hands

Finally, don’t be afraid to get involved in a big pot when you have a premium hand. Players at the micro limits will play random hands from any position at the table, so many times your premium hands will be well ahead.  

When possible, get your player to either fold or commit their chips pre-flop. Don't get cute and try to limp in or min-raise with a premium hand. This will allow them to call with junk and catch lucky.

If you are past the flop and still feel that your premium hand is best, don't be afraid to push the action. You will often get action from weaker hands that have to get lucky to win.

Micro stakes cash games are a great place to build your bankroll and improve on the fundamentals of poker. While every poker game is different, the above tips will help you win more often at micro stakes. 

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