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5 Reasons Why You'll Never Be Ready to Play the World Series of Poker

29 May 2015, By:

While many believe they are ready for what awaits, the reality is that many have no business playing in the event for various reasons.

If any of the reasons below apply to you, then you're not ready to play at the World Series of Poker.

1. You've Never Won a Poker Tournament

If you have never won a poker tournament of any type, then you need to reconsider putting up the money to play at the World Series of Poker.

While the motto of the WSOP in the past was, "Anyone Can Win," that no longer holds true to the modern generation of poker player.

The modern-day player is usually well versed in Texas Hold'em and has considerable experience either online or at the local casino.

If you're a player that's coming out to play a tournament because it looks cool or because you win a lot in cash games, you're not ready to play with the big boys.

You need experience in every stage of tournament play to have a legitimate chance of winning at the WSOP.

While it's true there are a select few that have won the first tournament they've ever played, that list is very short and most usually had extensive cash-game backgrounds.

2. You're Using Money Earmarked for Something Else

Every year there are players that will come out to the WSOP and use money that is set aside for another purpose in the hopes of "striking it rich."

While poker isn't considered by pros to be gambling, you still have to treat it as such in terms of your finances.

Don't put up money that you cannot afford to lose in the hopes of running deep in an event.

Tournament poker has an element of luck that every player contends with. Do you really want to risk your mortgage or bill money on a coin flip?

3. You Cannot Manage Tilt

In the world of professional poker you must be able to control your emotions to be successful.

This goes far beyond the typical "bad beats" or crazy situations that happen on the felt.

Keep in mind that some players will do what they can to rattle you at the tables and as long as they are not breaking any major rules, officials will let them get away with it.

If you have a hard time controlling your emotions in general you are not ready to put up the money needed to be a player at the WSOP.

Learning techniques to control tilt will not only help your poker game but will help in other aspects of life.

4. You Want to Live the Vegas Lifestyle More Than You Want to Play Poker

For many, their first trip to Las Vegas is a sensory overload and some players end up wasting more time living the "Vegas lifestyle" than winning money.

If you're a player that is looking forward to partying it up, getting drunk and living the lifestyle of a "baller," don't play at the WSOP. At least not on this trip.

Take some time to get your partying out of system and get acclimated to Vegas and the lifestyle.

Playing at the WSOP takes dedication, focus and is hard work. That's why you hear of many pros taking vows to not drink or party until the end of the series or until they win a bracelet.

You're supposed to be competing for bracelets. Anything else will take away focus from completing that task.

5. You Still Hold Superstitions About Poker

It is unlucky to be superstitious. That's a phrase you will hear jokingly thrown around by players.

In reality, it is also a truth that will keep you from playing your best poker.

Here are a few common superstitions amateur players hold about poker:

  • You can only win if your luck is holding
  • A particular seat is "more lucky" than another
  • Changing the deck / setup / dealer will change your luck
  • Any superstitions involving lucky chips / card protectors / hats / shirts / rituals

If you hold any type of superstitions about poker, you will tend to blame your bad play or bad run on these rather than work on your game.

The best players in the world know that skill is the predominant factor in all poker and while tournament poker does have an element of luck, it doesn't rule the game.

If you cannot move past your superstitions, you will never be ready to play at the WSOP.

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