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5 Reasons the WSOP is Better Than Baseball's World Series

6 August 2015, By:

Baseball is considered America's pastime but it's clear that real-money poker has become the global pastime for many.

As such the World Series of Poker has become the must-watch event for every poker enthusiast.

Below are five reasons why the World Series of Poker is better than baseball's World Series.

1. A True World Series

Unlike the MLB World Series the World Series of Poker actually brings in players from around the world to compete on the game's grandest stage.

While it's true that there are individual players from around the world, almost all of the teams in Major League Baseball are located in America.

On the other hand players from 110 nations come to Las Vegas every summer to compete for a WSOP bracelet. While there are more players from the United States and Canada than from anywhere else, international champions are crowned every year.

2. First Place Pays Better

First-place prize money at the World Series of Poker far exceeds anything the winner of the MLB World Series receives.

The prize pool for the MLB Playoffs consists of 60% of the gate receipts from each round of the playoffs. The two teams that play the MLB World Series are paid a percentage.

The winning team gets 36% of the prize pool and the losing team gets 24% of the prize pool. This typically averages around $300,000 per player on the winning team.

The winner of the 2015 World Series of Poker will receive $7.68 million. Every player at the final table receives at least $1 million.

The winner of the World Series of Poker also only has to play poker for 10 days to win. Those that win the MLB World Series have to play a 162-game season and then go through 2-3 playoff rounds.

3. Women Can Play

The most noticeable difference between the World Series of Poker and baseball's World Series is that women are allowed to participate.

Baseball is exclusively a male sport and the gender barrier has never been broken. Odds are it never will be.

The World Series of Poker has never truly had a gender barrier. As long as they were willing to put up the money to play, they can play.

Women have also performed well at the World Series of Poker with many taking down open-field bracelets.

Vanessa Selbst, Barbara Enright, Starla Brodie, Jennifer Harman, Cyndi Violette and Carol Fuchs are among the women who have won open-field events at the World Series of Poker.

While a woman has never won the Main Event in Las Vegas Annette Obrestad won the WSOP Europe Main Event in 2007.

Barbara Enright is the only woman to make the final table of the Vegas Main Event. She finished fifth in the 1995 WSOP Main Event.

4. You're Never Too Old

Once players start getting into their late 30's the game of baseball has usually passed them by. There are a few players that can extend their Major League careers into their early 40's but those players are mostly part-timers and designated hitters.

At the World Series of Poker it's not uncommon to see players win titles in their 50's, 60's and 70's. There have been a couple of champions over the age of 80 in the past.

William Wachter is a great example of how anyone can play. He entered the 2015 WSOP Main Event at the age of 94 and proceeded to navigate his way through a field of 6,420 players and finish in the money.

In baseball, the best that a 94-year-old can hope to do is throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Poker games are ageless and players never truly "retire" from the game.

5. You Live on in Reruns Forever

Unlike Major League Baseball the players that go deep in the World Series of Poker will become part of the poker culture and will live on forever in repeats on TV and the internet.

ESPN constantly plays repeats of the World Series of Poker Main Event and there are an uncountable number of poker videos available online.

The average baseball game will never see the light of day after its initial playing unless a major moment occurs. Even those major moments will have a limited amount of playback.

In the poker world the World Series of Poker repeats are like repeats of M*A*S*H or Star Trek. Someone is watching them on TV or online.

Live long and shuffle up and deal.

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