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5 Reasons Poker is Better Than Sex

27 January 2015, By:

While some of us will look at that story and laugh, there are others that would probably agree with his plight.

There's no doubt that sex is most people's favorite "contact sport" but it can require a lot of work and, in some cases, more money than an average night out playing poker.

Here are five reasons that poker is better than having sex.

1. No Shortage of Partners

Poker is a lot like prostitution. It doesn't matter what you look like as long as you have money to bring to the table.

Just login online or go to your local poker room and you will find plenty of players just waiting to welcome you to the table.

Can you say the same thing about the women at your local bar?

2. You Get to Choose Which Games You Play Today

In poker you have some freedom of choice in which games you play.

Want to play $1-$2 NL cash? Sign up on the waiting list or login to a real-money online poker site. Are you a tournament player? Find a tournament for the amount you're willing to wager and enter.

Can you say that about your significant other? Are they in the mood? Are they mad at you? Did you do any of 1001 things that gave them a reason to withhold sex?

Which mental game does your significant other want to play today? Your guess is as good as ours. Will it lead to some bedroom action? Not likely.

3. No 18-Year Obligations

Of course, one major advantage to playing poker is that there are no 18-year commitments. No long-term "accidents" or "surprises" to worry about.

Granted, you may lose the equivalent of a child support payment during a session, but that loss isn't required by law and you can't go to jail for not playing poker.

Don't pay your child support and see what happens.

4. The Worst Thing You Will Catch is a Cold

Have you ever heard of anyone catching an STD after they play poker online? Strip poker doesn't count here.

Bodily fluids are not exchanged at the poker table and you don't have to worry about being tested or having any "burning sensations" after playing.

The sensation you feel after winning stacks of money is an exception.

5. Poker is Cheaper

For most of us, an average night of playing poker is cheaper than a date with a significant other.

By the time you factor in dinner, entertainment, drinks, gas and other expenses, the typical date night can really drain your wallet.

Of course, there's no guarantee that you're going to get lucky with your chosen date so that money may be spent for nothing.

Yes, you may get shut out at the poker tables as well. But you likely won't feel as "blue."

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