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5 Poker Phrases That Should be Dumped

13 February 2015, By:

Sadly, some of these accepted phrases have gotten tired and should be phased out if not banned entirely.

Below are our five poker phrases that should be phased out of the game.

1. One Time!

We've all used this. You're all-in and behind or facing a big flip for most of your stack late in a tournament and you cry out "One time!"

Let's say you hit your card. Does that mean you will never ask for assistance from the poker gods ever again? Of course not.

If you're in a major poker tournament at the final table, heads-up for a WSOP bracelet, or shooting for a seven-figure payday, then it might be ok to use your "One Time."

Just one time though.

2. Poker Gods

Another item we should consider phasing out of the poker vocabulary is discussion of the "poker gods."

We all know that the poker gods are fickle and talking about them, praying to them or offering them a sacrifice will not serve to help you.

In fact the more you pray to the poker gods, the more they like to punish you. Don't believe me?

Jean-Robert Bellande is a firm believer in the poker gods and regularly calls on their assistance. Look how well that's worked out for him.

Seriously, don't talk to the poker gods. They'll just laugh at you and send you bad beats.

3. Anything Involving "Rape"

I don't know where using the word "rape" in connection with poker became popular or funny but it is something that needs to be eliminated.

Most often you will hear the "R word" used in connection to running over players at the poker table. However, with the number of women in the modern game, it's a phrase that should be eliminated.

A prime example of this were t-shirts worn by fans of Sean Drake at the 2014 World Series of Poker. The shirts said on the front "Play Like Drake," and on the back it said "And Rape."

These shirts stirred up a ton of controversy and the fans were eventually persuaded to remove them.

Rape is not a term that should be thrown around lightly at the poker table and should be phased out if not forcibly banned.

4. Donkey

The use of the word Donkey is viewed as everything from comical to offensive. Using this term states that you believe your opponent is a terrible poker player and should not be at the table.

Guess what stupid? You WANT the donkeys at the table. They are the players you will make your money from in the long term.

Picking on the donkeys will just drive them away and dry up the dead money at the table. Also, it creates hard feelings and makes you look like a jackass.

If you don't have anything nice to say to your opponents, pray to the poker gods for help.

5. That's So Sick

One of the more annoying things you hear from players is when they take a bad beat and complain about how "sick" the beat was.

A sick beat is flopping quads and losing to higher quads. Or rivering quad aces only to have your opponent river a royal flush.

Those are sick beats. Running kings into aces or having your flush lose to a nut flush is not a sick beat. It is pretty standard.

If your loss qualifies you for a bad beat jackpot, then you can claim a sick beat.

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