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4 Signs Your State is Serious About Legalizing Online Poker - PokerJunkie

17 June 2015, By:

Quite often, various poker reporting sites will get readers hopes up regarding the chances of an online poker bill by using spin or spouting legal arguments.

Want to know when your state is serious about legalizing online poker? Look for the below signs.

1. Bill Gets Filed and Moves Out of Committee

Filing an online poker bill is not merely enough. It has to actually get out of committee and begin the legislative process.

States such as Mississippi have filed multiple online poker bills but most either die quickly or are never touched and expire at the end of the legislative session.

The reason why California lobbyists have been excited over the last few weeks is that for the first time in years a bill has moved forward in the legislative process.

If you're in a state that starts talking online poker, start paying attention after it moves out committee.

2. Hearings Upon Hearings

If a state is serious about bringing online poker or other gambling to its borders, lawmakers will start holding hearings.

These hearings range in purpose but are a public discussion of the issues and often will offer insight about the true direction of a bill.

When you start seeing a state hold multiple hearings on the matter of iPoker, it is a good sign for the bill as it has gained lawmaker's attention and the chances of a bill going to a vote increase dramatically.

3. Consistent Dialogue from Parties Other Than Lobbyists

When dialogue regarding an online poker bill is coming almost exclusively from lobbyists, this is not a good sign.

This often means one of two things. Either the bill is not significant enough to lawmakers to have an opinion or they are likely letting the issue die out.

When a bill is gaining momentum, such as we are seeing in Pennsylvania and California, you will see parties on both sides of the matter as well as lawmakers speak out for or against a bill.

The more you hear outside of lobbyists the better it is for the bill. That means it's getting attention and is meaningful.

4. Major Casinos or the Lottery Start Forming iGaming Partnerships

You want a solid sign that iPoker legislation has potential in your state? When iPoker partnerships begin to become finalized then your state's status has gone from "maybe" to "likely."

If an online poker bill is destined to fail in a state, it does not make business sense for a company to sign an iGaming partnership with a company.

When you start hearing of reports regarding iGaming partnerships that's a strong sign it's going to be one of the next to legalize the game.

Pennsylvania casinos have been recently lining up partners and larger entities in California are doing the same.

They are also the next two states expected to go online.

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