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Why Every Man Should Be Good at Poker

1 December 2014, By:

Poker has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade and become one of the most popular competitive games in the world.

While many view it as gambling, it's really a social game that can help one to develop incredibly important and applicable life skills.

Below are a few reasons why every man should learn to play poker.

1) Poker Brings You Closer to Your Friends

While television gives off the impression that poker is all about traveling the world and competing against the greatest players in the game, the reality for the majority of poker players is very different.

For most of us poker is a game that we play when we get together with buddies on a Friday night. We aren't playing high stakes.

In fact, if a player walks away with enough money to cover gas and some beers, he's usually had a good night.

Poker for many of us is a social game. We play some hands, crack some jokes, have some beers and maybe get lucky and win a little money.

If we don't win, no biggie. There's always next week and the most we lost is about the cost of a movie and popcorn.

2) Poker Gives You Insight Into People

A key skill to becoming a competent poker player is being able to read your opponents. Poker gives us a chance to look into the soul of a person without being emotionally invasive.

We get to see how he reacts when he's excited, when he's scared, when he's angry and quite frequently when he's intoxicated. We also learn how to deal with people when they are in these states and this skill carries over into other aspects of life.

The average person will play poker in much the same way as he runs his life. Figure out how someone plays poker and you likely have insight into who he is as a person.

3) Poker Makes You a Better Negotiator

When you think about it, poker can help prepare you to become a better negotiator. In every hand we play we are trying to sell or buy a bill of goods. You're trying to sell the strength or your hand or determine whether your opponent has the goods.

Learning how to read people and developing solid bluffing skills can help you in other aspects of life. It will help you determine whether that used car salesman is telling you the truth or whether you can squeeze a few hundred off the price of that car you want.

Eliminating tells from your bluffs will help you in negotiations with others. Want a raise but one doesn't appear to be forthcoming? It might be time to let the boss know you need some concessions or you have a better offer, even if you don't. No risk, no reward.

4) Poker Can Increase Your Income

While many poker players will never move past home games others go on to earn a second income or even turn professional in the game. You don't have to travel the world to make money playing poker.

Some players use poker as a way to make supplemental income. They play on the weekends or a couple nights a week to make a couple extra hundred to make ends meet. Granted, a select few do gain the skills to become a professional and make their entire living at poker.

Also, keep in mind that making a living at poker doesn't always mean playing. There are plenty of ancillary businesses that support the game.

For example, you could write about the game for a living or even become a poker dealer. You don't necessarily have to play 40 hours a week to make money from poker.

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