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3 'Unorthodox' Moves in Texas Hold'em That Can Win Big Pots

14 November 2016, By: compncards
While many of the best poker players use a similar Game Theory Optimal style, they also incorporate some unusual plays into their arsenals to throw their opponents off track.

Making unorthodox plays at the poker table can be risky, but it can also pay off big.

By doing something the other players at the table never expect you can take them by surprise and sometimes win a huge pot.

Let's take a look at a few unorthodox moves.

1. Limping With Premium Hands

One unorthodox move that can pay off big in Texas Holdem games is limping with premium hands like pocket aces or kings.

When limping, your opponents typically think you are weak and try to raise you out of the pot This gives you a few options.

You can either call their raise and play a pot post-flop, or you can re-raise pre-flop to try and build a big pot right away.

In either event you're making it difficult to tell the strength of your hand and it will leave the other players at the table guessing what you're holding in your hand.

By limping your premium hands you always give your opponents a chance to catch up on the board, but if the texture stays pretty dry you can really take advantage.

2. All-In Bluff Shove

Another unorthodox move that can pay off big on the felt is going all-in on a bluff. While raising all-in on a bluff is a very risky move, it can also be very profitable.

If you raise pre-flop, bet the flop and turn then proceed to raise all-in on the river, you will be representing a very strong hand. It makes it almost impossible for the other players in the hand to call you without a good read or a strong hand.

Many solid players use this strategy from time to time to take down big pots from opponents when they smell weakness. The tighter your image at the table, the better chance that this will work.

While you may get caught bluffing every once in a while the risk is well worth the reward. Even when you lose your opponents will think you play much looser than you really do, allowing you to win back your chips later on.

3. River Check-Raising

Check-raising on the river is another unorthodox move that can pay off big. Check-raising on the river can be done for value and as a bluff.

Either way, this move will confuse your opponents and can win you a big pot. Be warned, though: this move is riskier than limping premium hands and bluffing all-in.

It's a good idea to have a read on your opponent that he's weak before you try to check-raise on the river as a bluff. Getting caught check-raise bluffing on the river can cost you quite a few chips.


Making unorthodox plays at the table is a great way to win a huge pot. Mixing up your play at the poker table and trying new things will help you win more pots and make you a better player.

Unorthodox plays at the table can be risky but making those plays is a great way to branch out from your normal game and become a more unpredictable player.

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