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3 Things Your Favorite Poker Player Reveals About Your Game

1 April 2015, By:

They see something in their games or like something about their personalities and instantly that pro becomes a favorite player.

What you may not realize is that your favorite poker player could actually reveal information about your game  -- and even your experience in poker.

Check out our list of three things that your favorite poker player reveals about you.

1. Your Favorite Player Could Reveal Your Preferred Playing Style

Most often poker players will identify with professionals that reflect their style of play. In the early days of the poker boom, one player that gained a legion of fans was Gus Hansen.

Hansen's seemingly reckless -- yet effective -- style of play earned him millions and multiple World Poker Tour titles. However, it also led to him being the biggest loser in online poker history.

Dan Harrington was viewed as the champion of the sensible player after his deep runs in the 2003 and 2004 Main Event. Many players preferring a more solid game to one with a ton of aggression tend to mimic "Action Dan's" style of play.

Discovering one's favorite player can go a long way in helping to decipher playing style before the first hand is even dealt.

2. Your Favorite Player Can Reveal Your Goals in Poker

The goals of the average poker player have changed in the last 15 years. Before, the object of every player was to make money -- but televised poker helped to change that.

Nowadays there are many players more concerned about becoming famous than they are about becoming millionaires. That's one reason you don't see many pros trying to extend themselves to the high-stakes games in Vegas, Macau, etc.

Poker players also tend to pick their favorite player based on where they want to go in the game. If their goal has anything to do with becoming an elite cash-game player, they tend to follow those with a track record in those games.

Phil Ivey didn't get his following based solely on his tournament prowess. Rather, he has a big following that track his progress in high-stakes cash games worldwide.

His results are not up to par in recent years, but he can still win the random major tournament almost at a whim.

Those wanting to experience fame gravitate to players with a larger celebrity prescience. Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow and even Daniel Negreanu fit this bill.

That's not to say that they cannot play, but they tend to focus more on events that will give them exposure more so than winning money.

Daniel of course is the rare breed that can get exposure and continue to consistently win millions. That's one reason he is the face of the game both live and online.

3. Your Favorite Player Can Also Indicate Your Experience Level

Go into any of the larger poker rooms in Las Vegas or Atlantic City and talk to the tourists or newbies about the game.

Asking them about their favorite player can help you to find out their overall experience level in the game.

If their favorite players consist entirely of players they have seen on ESPN or major syndicated poker shows, odds are they are a casual or beginning player.

One the other hand, if they start spouting off big names of online poker or established pros that are not as well known, they may well have a lot of experience -- or at least have had some major exposure to the industry.

There are exceptions to this rule, such as those who like players such as Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and other big-name pros that have consistently performed.

In those cases you want to go farther and find out what it is about those players they like and make your decisions based on that information.

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