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3 Proven Strategies for Success in Re-Buy Poker Tournaments

22 March 2016, By: compncards
While the majority of re-buy tournaments are becoming “re-entry” events, it's still important to have a solid strategy to make the money in re-buy tournaments.

Many smaller daily casino events still use re-buys, or a re-entry system that’s just a higher price re-buy. Re-buy tournaments also still run often online.

This tournament format is great for action players and you will often see players burn through anywhere from 3-10 re-buys or more while picking up chips.

There are many strategies you can use while trying to navigate through the re-buy period and today we'll cover three of those strategies.

1. Chip and a Prayer

The loosest strategy you can use is what I call the “chip and a prayer” strategy. Players incorporating this style will be playing most hands and almost any two cards.

These players will call nearly every pre-flop raise hoping to catch the flop. Those that are there to blow off steam or gamble may even shove pre-flop with any two cards because they are “live.”

This is the swingiest strategy you can employ. When it works, you will have a ton of chips. When it doesn't, you will be that player blowing through 10+ re-buys.

2. Calculated Risk Approach

Players incorporating a "calculated risk" approach are ones that are looking to hit big pots but aren’t chasing down every single hand to do so.

These players will chase down straight and flush draws and will often aggressively play multi-way hands. For example, someone that flops top pair and flush draw might shove even if behind in hopes of catching and doubling-up.

This type of player uses implied odds more often than pot odds to make a call on the flop or turn.

This style is a little less swingy than the lotto style but can cost you when your draws aren’t hitting. Stronger players tend to favor this approach as it allows them to open up their play during the re-buy period.

3. The Uber-Rock

It isn’t hard to figure out that this is a tight strategy, but it isn’t necessarily as tight as it implies.

With this strategy you're looking to take advantage when you make a big hand or against those that are overplaying their draws.

You aren’t necessarily going to play only top holdings. You will play face cards, suited aces and some suited connectors but you aren’t going crazy with them unless you are in the right spot.

Unless you have big cards you're looking to see a lot of flops cheap with reasonable holdings. When you hit a big hand you’re going to play your hand fast. You will even do this in spots where you might normally slow play in a regular format.

The reason is that you will often get action in a re-buy period you wouldn’t normally get otherwise. This style is perfect when you have a couple of "chip and a prayer" type players looking to get lucky.

And added advantage to this style is that after the re-buy period, you are going to be the person they perceive as playing a tight style and you can take advantage of this image. 

Pick the Style that Best Suits Your Bankroll

The style of play that you choose for this type of event depends on the bankroll that you plan to take to the tournament.

For those that only want to put in the entry and maybe one buy-in, you’re going to stick to the uber rock style.

Those playing with a couple more re-buys may want to try the calculated risk approach. Of course if you plan to gamble it up, you better take plenty of cash for re-buys or hope that you get lucky.

The three strategies above will help get you through the re-buy period in most low-stake tournaments you encounter live and online.

Remember that you will need to adjust your strategy after the re-buy period as the event then reverts back to your standard freezeout.

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