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3 Common Mistakes Made by Low-Limit Texas Hold'em Players

12 December 2016, By: compncards
Low-stakes poker players aren't exactly experts at the game. If they were, they wouldn't be playing low limits.

Low-limit No-Limit Holdem poker players are prone to making mistakes. And if you play poker with any frequency, you will see many of these mistakes repeated.

These are three common mistakes low-limit Hold’em players make.

1. Not Betting Top Pair on a Checked River

Consider the following. You go into a hand with Q-10 and the flop falls 7-9-2 with two other opponents in the hand.

Action is checked and a queen falls on the turn. The first player to act bets out and you and the other player call.

The river then falls a three and action is checked around to you. Many times a bad player will check behind and hope that his queen is good.

The problem is that your opponents just showed weakness so it is fairly likely that you are ahead. A bet here may just take the pot without showdown or win you extra money when they call with a pair of tens or sevens.

This same scenario can also work when you have an overpair to the board. Just be careful that a straight or flush draw has not been filled on the board.

2. Raising Dominated Top Pair Hands on Coordinated Boards

Very often you will see players limp in with dominated hands such as K-6 suited in the hopes to flop a flush or get lucky in some way.

When they hit top pair and the board is coordinated in a significant way, that player needs to evaluate the situation carefully.

For example, if you limped in with K-6 of spades and the flop fell Kh-Qh-10d, you have top pair but there is a potential straight out there as well as a flush draw.

If someone bets you really can't raise because your hand is dominated. Even if they're drawing to the flush chances are they have a straight draw to go with it.

What if you raise and then they shove? Chances are that you're probably already beat here or have to fade a ton of outs.

3. Shoving With Weak Flush Draws

Playing small flush cards can win you huge pots, especially against tight players. But shoving with them can be disastrous.

For example, if you had 9-5 of hearts on a board of 10h-4h-As, shoving this flop is going to get called by someone that has you beat.

At absolute best you are only about 48% to win against any random hand. If you're not already beat when you get called, they're probably going to have a better flush draw when they call.

Small flush draws are check-calling types of hands -- not hands you want to shove.


Eliminating mistakes from your poker game is the best way to improve. Keep from making the above mistakes and you will donate less to the low-stakes games.

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