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Women Still Winless, WSOP Gets Reality Check

20 June 2012, By:
As another epic week steams along at the 2012 World Series of Poker, Phil Ivey is yet again deep in another event.
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Congratulations, Matt Stout

As another epic week steams along at the 2012 World Series of Poker, Phil Ivey is yet again deep in another event.

In other news, while the poker world follows Ivey's quest for bracelet #9 Poker Junkie blogger Compncards gets us up to speed on the Ladies winless streak, Matt Stout's run in the $1k NL Event and why numbers are down at the 2012 WSOP.

Allyn Jaffrey Shulman's Win is Impressive, But Selbst Still Last Open Winner

Allyn Jaffrey Shulman took down the 2012 WSOP Seniors Event title on Monday, which was in itself an impressive feat, but some are giving her credit for breaking the non-winning streak for females in open events.

Shulman did indeed become the first woman to win a non-Women's event at the WSOP since 2008, but her win was not an "open" event as entry was restricted to players over the age of 50.

Because of that, Vanessa Selbst is still the last open event winner in 2008.

Even with that being said, you can't overlook Shulman's accomplishment. She essentially won the largest single-starting-day event in poker history and did so against an opponent that many thought should have won easily .

The fact still remains though that this was a 50+ event and not open to everyone.  Regardless of the winner, I still think that the three non-open events should not award bracelets.

It's an impressive accomplishment, but it's still 4 years and counting since a lady won an open event at the WSOP.

Matt Stout Making Friends Proud With Deep Run

Through my years in the game, I've met many people in the game and some of them have gone on to have mild success. A couple of those have gone on to become household names and one of those nearly got his first bracelet Tuesday as Matt Stout finished 3rd in the $1,000 NL Event.

I've known Matt Stout for a few years now, and while I won't say we are "good friends," we've known each other since he had to be described by his online nickname of "AllinAt420."

Matt is definitely one of the most easygoing guys in poker and it is awesome to see him do so well.

I got the same feeling over the last couple of years when Bryan Devonshire made his WPT final table and then his deep WSOP Main Event run. I've known Bryan since he was a blogger for and grinding events in Minnesota.

While Matt didn't quite get that bracelet, he made his fans and friends proud. Now he just needs to TAKE ONE DOWN!!

What's Up With the Numbers at the WSOP? Reality

Robert Turner posted a question on Twitter last night asking why the WSOP numbers were down while global poker numbers seemed to be on the rise.

The answer, at least in my mind, is that reality finally caught up with the World Series of Poker.

Last year, many of us expected the WSOP to take a hit based on Black Friday and yet the event ended up setting all sorts of records.

Those of us "in the know" just so happened to forget one important factor last year, and that's the panic factor.

While Black Friday clearly impacted many players and their bankrolls, those that still had access to either some of their bankrolls or backing resources still had one last gasp post Black Friday to build a bankroll for the rest of the year.

That was the 2011 WSOP.

As the series proceeded last year, many of us started to wonder many players that were at the Rio last year would be able to return this year -- especially considering the fact that many were almost exclusively online players.

A year has passed and those that were able to transition and succeed in the live game did so. Those that could not wound up leaving the game.

Also, don't discount the impact of online sites in providing satellites to the WSOP. This year, US players did not have access to all the 10k satellites and even the smaller $1,500 satellites that used to run at sites like Full Tilt.

Factor in things like step satellites as well and players that could build a WSOP bankroll in the months and weeks leading up to the WSOP were unable to do so.

Ultimately, reality caught up to the WSOP. The reality of Black Friday, the reality of online players not being able to make a living, and the reality of having to choose whether to grind at home or risk their bankroll one more time at this year's WSOP.

Reality bites for some, but while numbers are down across the board, the WSOP is far from suffering. They are still posting numbers that would have been considered huge successes just a couple of years ago.

Poker is fine, and the WSOP is fine. Reality just poked it's ugly head up this year.

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