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No Ivey, No Hellmuth, No Interest

19 June 2012, By:
The past weekend produced a lot of exciting stories at the 2012 World Series of Poker - including a Seniors Event that was actually relevant to the poker world in general.
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The past weekend produced a lot of exciting stories at the 2012 World Series of Poker - including a Seniors Event that was actually relevant to the poker world in general.

Also, it appears that outing of poker players has gone up this year over years past and the finalists in the 10k HORSE find out where they truly stand in poker's pecking order.

Old People Can Play Too

The big story of this past weekend was the record-setting field at the Seniors Event.

A monster field of 4,128 players set a new all-time record for the largest Day 1 in not just the history of the World Series of Poker, but for all of poker.

The final table was stacked as Hoyt Corkins, Dennis Phillips and Allyn Jaffrey Shulman all made the final table and made this event something that poker players actually would want to follow.

In the end, Shuman continued the surge of female success at the 2012 WSOP by taking down the event and $607,713. She became the first woman to win a bracelet outside of the Women's Championship since Vanessa Selbst did so in 2008.

The Seniors Event has set all-time records for the last three years, proving that there is a market for major poker events for seniors. Let's hope someone will take notice and try to develop a senior's poker league in order to capitalize on this market.

Bad Debts Outed

There is always drama of some type at the WSOP, but this year there seems to be more backstabbing and outing of players than we can recall in recent years.

Brad Booth was recently revealed to have stolen money from players and issued an apology over his actions - an apology many think was meaningless.

Now it appears that Andrew Feldman may owe a considerable sum to Sam Trickett. Trickett had implied that a well known pro had robbed him recently but would not name names.

After a recent tweet by Trickett and a follow-up tweet from a friend, it appears that Feldman owes him at least $25,000 and Trickett asks that people do not trust him.

Poker players borrowing money and not repaying is not anything new in the poker world, but a lot of the recent outings come from the fact that the players are outright refusing to pay.

There is a time and place for things like this, but one has to wonder why these people waited until now to air their grievances.

Did they want to embarrass the players more or are they trying to draw more attention to themselves as they know the poker world is watching?

David "Bakes" Baker Wins $10k HORSE Title - and Not Many Care

David Baker aka "Bakes" took down the $10k HORSE title early Tuesday morning, but most that were following the event had already bailed.

Both Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey made the final table of the event and were looking for their 13th and 9th bracelets respectively. Ultimately, Ivey finished 5th and Hellmuth 4th.

After Hellmuth's exit, the rail departed as if the event was over.

What fans missed was a matchup between a former bracelet winner in Bakes and someone looking for their 2nd bracelet of this WSOP in John Monnette.

Regardless of how much we try to hype up the game or specific matchups, the truth is that the big names are still the draw to the game and everyone else are 2nd tier players for now.

Of course, a bracelet is a bracelet and we're sure Bakes will take it with a huge rail or without.

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