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2012 WSOP Octo-Nine Set, Ladies Bubble

18 July 2012, By:
After a week-and-a-half of play, the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event has finally played down to the final table.
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After a week-and-a-half of play, the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event has finally played down to the final table.

The final day brought a lot of drama, including deep runs by two ladies who nearly made history.

Hille and Baumann Bubble Final Table

With 11 players left, it looked like we might see a woman make the final table of the 2012 WSOP Main Event.  Both Norway's Elisabeth Hille and France's Gaelle Baumann were still alive, but unfortunately both were short stacked.

Hille was down to about 3.46 million when she woke up with A-Q of hearts. Her action was called by Andras Koroknai with pocket sevens. The board blanked both players and Baumann was the last woman standing.

Baumann started the unofficial final table as the short stack with 5 million even. The next closest player was Jeremy Ausmus with 10 million and then Steven Gee with 15.8 million.

Baumann lost over half of her stack before waking up with pocket kings. She shoved and found a caller in Greg Merson who gave her action with J-9. The kings held and it looked that Baumann might be on the comeback trail.

A few hands later, Baumann found what looked to be a great spot to double-up again as she shoved with Ad-9h from the hijack seat. Andras Koroknai made the call from the big blind and had Baumann dominated with Ah-Jh.

The board ran dry for Baumann and she officially bubbled the final table.

While both ladies missing the final table was disappointing, their runs were two of the greatest runs by women at the WSOP Main Event since Annie Duke finished 10th in 2000.

Sylvia Leads Relatively Unknown Octo-Nine

Jesse Sylvia will enter the final table of the 2012 WSOP Main Event as the chip leader with 43.87 million, more than 14 million more than Andras Koroknai's 29.37 million.

Already, the cries from most of the poker community are how relatively unknown the players at this final table are to even the rest of the poker world despite the fact that two of the players are bracelet winners.

Greg Merson won his first bracelet on July 3rd when he took down the 10k Six-max title. Steven Gee won a $1K NL bracelet in 2000. Merson will start the final table with 28.72 million and Gee will start with 16.86 million.

Jeremy Ausmus is the short stack at the final table and will start with 9.8 million. However, only 7 million chips separate 5th and 9th place so there could be a lot of movement early among the bottom spots.

Here are your Octo-Nine participants as well as their seat position for the final table which will commence October 28th.

Seat 1:  Russell Thomas 24.8 million

Seat 2:  Jacob Balsiger 13.11 million

Seat 3:  Jeremy Ausmus 9.8 million

Seat 4:  Steven Gee  16.86 million

Seat 5:  Greg Merson  28.72 million

Seat 6:  Jesse Sylvia  43.87 million

Seat 7:  Robert Salaburu 15.15 million

Seat 8:  Andras Koroknai 29.37 million

Seat 9:  Michael Esposito 16.26 million

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