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Doyle Steps Out, Chad Steps Up

27 June 2012, By:
The march to the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event is picking up speed but two big buy-in events still stand in the way.
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The march to the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event is picking up speed but two big buy-in events still stand in the way.

The much-anticipated $50,000 Poker Player's Championship is now underway and the $1 Million Big One for One Drop Event looms in the distance.

In the meantime, however, news has surfaced that one of the game's living legends is about to retire from the WSOP.

A legend of poker broadcasting also might actually have the chops for the game.

The End is Here - Doyle Confirms 2012 His Last WSOP

Doyle Brunson on Tuesday confirmed to PokerListings that this may indeed by his last ever World Series of Poker.

Doyle was quoted as saying "This may be my last one ever because it's just too long. I like to play seven or eight hours, and I can go a little longer than that but these WSOP days are too long for me."

Brunson is now 78, and while he is still sharp at the table he prefers to play high-stakes cash games over chasing bracelets.

He will finish his WSOP career tied for #2 on the All-Time Bracelet list with 10 bracelets -- two of those being his 1976 and 1977 back-to-back Main Event titles.

Brunson is the last of the legendary road gamblers that kicked off the inaugural WSOP in 1970. With the exception of a couple of years that he sat out in protest of how the event was run, Brunson has participated in just about every WSOP since.

If this is indeed Brunson's last WSOP, he will be remembered as one of the WSOP's greatest champions. He will be missed at the tables at the Rio, but if you must visit with him a spot at Bobby's Room is always open for you.

When Did Norman Chad Learn How to Play Poker?

For years, Phil Hellmuth was known as being a one trick pony in Texas Hold'em. Norman Chad can now be considered the same, but in split-pot poker.

Norman Chad has four career professional cashes to his resume. Three of those are in Stud 8 or Better Events and the other was his recent final table appearance at the $2,500 Omaha 8/Stud 8 Event earlier this week.

You read that right. Norman Chad made a final table of a WSOP Event. Not only that, but he was 2nd in chips at the start of the final table.

Chad is normally known as the wisecracking sidekick to Lon MacEachern on ESPN, but very few know that he is quite the accomplished Stud 8 or Better player.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards actually played a couple of events with Chad in Los Angeles back when Chad looked to start playing tournaments.

Of his game back then, Compncards said that, "He was an average player back then. But back then an average player was still better than about half of the field."

"I said back then that if he honed some of the finer points of the game he would start showing some results.  He seemed to get there about 2009 and hasn't looked back."

While Chad hasn't set the world on fire with his Stud 8 performances, he does show that even specialists in the game can have success.

It's not far-fetched to expect to Chad back at a final table soon -- and even actually taking down a bracelet.

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