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Big Names Fall But Lamb Rises Again

19 July 2011, By:
Day 7 of the 2011 WSOP Main Event saw most of the big names hit the rail, but current WSOP Player of the Year leader Ben Lamb wasn't one of them.
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Day 7 of the 2011 WSOP Main Event saw most of the big names hit the rail, but current WSOP Player of the Year leader Ben Lamb wasn't one of them.

Lamb lost a huge pot during the day to knock him back to 5 million in chips, but before the night was through he'd chipped back up to over 14 million and sits fifth behind new chip leader Anton Makiievskyi.

Last Couple Standing On The Rail

David Sands and his girlfriend Erika Moutinho were the "last couple standing" in the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

Both were riding short stacks for the majority of the day and eventually ended up on the featured table side by side.

Sands was the first to hit the rail when he ran J-10 into the A-J of John Hewitt.

Sands flopped a straight draw, but it never materialized and he was out in 30th.

Moutinho joined him shortly thereafter on the rail. She shoved pre-flop with Q-10 and ran into the A-Q of Andrew Hinrichsen.

Moutinho couldn't catch a ten and was out in 29th.

Big Names Drop Like Flies

Several big names remaining in this event hit the bricks on Day 7.

Sebastian Ruthenberg was first to go when his A-Q ran into pocket kings of Guillaume Darcout.

Erick Lindgren could not continue his comeback run and eventually was knocked out when he ran pocket fours into the pocket jacks of Steve Brecher.

David Bach couldn't get anything going on Day 7 and eventually shoved his last couple million into the middle with queens.

John Hewitt made the call with A-K and proceeded to flop kings full to eliminate Bach.

JP Kelly took a couple of huge beats to cripple his stack.

First, he ran a bluff into the masterfully played quad queens of Kenny Shih to lose close to half of his 9 million stack.

Sam Barnhart then doubled-up though Kelly when his jacks held up against Kelly's A-K.

Finally, with 1.15 million left, Kelly ran Jd-10d into the pocket aces of Andrey Peteychuck and failed to get lucky.

Anton Makievskyi Leads Going into Day 8

Anton Makievskyi went on a late rush during Day 7 to jump into the chip lead.

After chipping up from 1 million to 10 million, he got involved in the biggest pot of the Main Event with Christopher Moore.

On a flop of K-J-J, a series of raises put Moore all-in for 12 million and Makievskyi called for less.

Moore held A-J for trip jacks but Makievskyi held K-J for a flopped full house. An ace failed to hit the turn or river and Makievskyi took down a 20 million chip pot.

He will start Day 8 with 21 million in chips and the chip lead.

Ben Lamb Headlines Remaining Field

Ben Lamb may have proven on Day 7 why Poker Junkie blogger compncards predicted he'll make the November Nine.

After being knocked down to a mere 5 million in chips with less than two levels to play, Lamb continued to stay aggressive and play his game and in the process moved himself back into the top 5 in chips.

He finished the day with 14.69 million and looks to put a stranglehold on both the November Nine and the Player of the Year title today.

Eoghan O'Dea is currently sitting second in chips with 19.05 million. He won two huge pots with pocket kings to move up to that position.

Khoa Nguyen and Andrey Pateychuk round out the top 5 with 16.4 million and 16.2 million respecitvely.

Other big names still in the field include Bryan Devonshire, Phil "USCPhildo" Collins, Lars Bonding and Sam Barnhart.

Tuesday is the final day of the 2011 WSOP Main Event until November.

Just 22 players will return and battle until the final table is reached.

For more coverage from the WSOP, check our WSOP blogs from PokerJunkie blogger compncards.

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