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2010 WSOPE Main Event Final Table Recap

30 September 2010, By:
The WSOPE Main Event final table was reached after four grueling days of action.
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The WSOPE Main Event final table was reached after four grueling days of action.

2010 WSOPE Main Event winner James Bord

Dan Fleyshman was the chip leader going into a final table headlined by Full Tilt red pro Roland de Wolfe.  Here were how the final nine players started final table play:

Seat 1: Roland de Wolfe    1,377,000
Seat 2: Marc Inizan                                  349,000
Seat 3: Nicolas Levi                                 428,000
Seat 4: Fabrizio Baldassari 677,000
Seat 5: Brian Powell                                 842,000
Seat 6: Dan Steinberg                              1,520,000
Seat 7: James Bord                                   1,331,000
Seat 8: Ronald Lee                                   1,899,000
Seat 9: Dan Fleyshman       1,946,000

While Dan Fleyshman started the day as chip leader, he quickly went from one of the leaders to short stack in one hand.  A raising war with Dan Steinberg saw Steinberg all-in and ahead with pocket kings against the A-Q of Fleyshman.  Fleyshman failed to catch and ace and was the short stack.  A bit later, he shoved with J-10 and was called by Ronald Lee with K-5.  A king on the flop left Fleyshman drawing thin and the turn eight left him drawing dead and eliminated in 7th place.

Roland de Wolfe was eliminated in 4th place.  The Full Tilt red pro moved all-in with K-Q and ran into the A-8 of Fabrizio Baldassari.  An ace and an eight hit the flop, leaving de Wolfe needing running kings, queens, or straight cards.  The turn 2d left de Wolfe drawing dead and out in 4th place.

Heads-up play was between Fabrizio Baldassari and James Bord.  Bord started behind but soon found a double-up when Baldassari decided to shove with Qs-8s against Bord's Ad-Kc pre-flop.  Baldassari flopped a gutshot draw, but that is as far as it got.  Boyd doubled up to 6.4 Million and Baldaassari held just over 3 Million.

The final hand of the event saw a raising war pre-flop between the two players.  After Baldassari four-bet to 2 Million, Bord moved all-in.  Baldassari made the call with pocket fives and found himself in a world of hurt against pocket tens.  The flop fell 9-9-8, missing both players.  The turn Js gave Bord a straight and left Baldassari with just two outs to stay alive in this tournament.  The river fell the Ad and James Bord is our champion.

Englishman James Bord is the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Champion.  In addition to the championship bracelet, he took home £830,410 in prize money.  Congratulations to James Bord, 2010 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Champion.

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Below are the final table payouts.  Prizes are in GBP:

1                    James Bord                        830,401

2                    Fabrizio Baldassari             513,049

3                    Ronald Lee                         376,829

4                    Roland De Wolfe               278,945

5                    Nicolas Levi                       208,119

6                    Daniel Steinberg                 156,530

7                    Dan Fleyshman                   118,643

8                    Brian Powell                   90,617

9                    Marc Inizan                        69,754


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