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2010 WSOPE Event 4 - Gus Hansen Wins First Bracelet

27 September 2010, By:
Gus Hansen won his first WSOP bracelet by taking down the 2010 WSOP Europe High Roller event.
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Gus Hansen won his first WSOP bracelet by taking down the 2010 WSOP Europe High Roller event.

Event #4 of the 2010 WSOP Europe was the £10,350 No-Limit Hold'em High Roller Heads-Up Event.  103 player turned out to take their shot at the first ever WSOP-E heads-up bracelet and a grand prize of £288,409.

Several big names made a deep run in this event.  Phil Ivey made his first WSOP-E cash of the year, finishing in 14th.  Howard Lederer finished 9th, but not before having yet another heads-up battle with Huck Seed.  Seed eliminated Lederer heads-up at the WSOP Tournament of Champions earlier this summer.  And much like this summer, Seed again sent Lederer packing.  Daniel Negreanu was looking to make it to the semi-finals of this event, but was stopped just short by Jim Collopy..

The final match of this event was between Gus Hansen and Jim Collopy.  The finals were actually a best of three matchup.  Each player started each match with 1.9 Million in chips.  The first match easily went to Hansen.  The final hand saw Collopy move all0in with Qc-8c and Hansen call with pocket nines.  The flop J-10-8 gave Hansen an open-ended draw, but gave Collopy a lower pair and gutshot draw to a higher straight.  The turn fell a seven to give Hansen a straight.  The river then fell another seven and Hansen was up 1-0 over Collopy.

It looked like it might be a sweep for Hansen in this one as he moved up over a 2 to 1 chip lead in the 2nd match and then up to a 3 to 1 lead.  In one hand, the stacks moved back to even.  Hansen moved all-in pre-flop with pocket kings and Collopy called with A-Q.  He immediately spiked an ace to take the lead and it held to bring the stacks back to even.  Collopy then took the lead when he took down a huge pot with K-9.  He called a raise on a flop of 9-6-5, and sizable bets on the turn and river that happened to both be fives as well.  His rivered full house gave him a sizable advantage.

The final hand of match two saw Collopy shove pre-flop with pocket nines and Hansen made the call with queens.  Collopy then flopped a full house as the flop fell 3-9-3 and like that, the match was even.  At this point, play was suspended as there was a law on the books that prohibited play from continuing past three.  Since both players wanted to play in the Main Event on Friday, so play was delayed.  After both were eliminated, the final match was set for Sunday.

Early on in match three, it looked like Collopy might upset Hansen as he took a 2 to 1 chip lead over the "Great Dane."  However, Hansen wrote the book on aggressive poker and proceeded to not only regain his lost chips, but take over the chip lead.  He then took his own lead of nearly 2 to 1 over Collopy and never looked back.  With just 1.2 Million left in chips, Collopy decided to move all-in over the top of a pre-flop raise from Hansen.  Hansen made the call holding pocket fours.  Collopy found himself in horrible shape holding Ks-4s.  The flop fell Js-5c-6d, helping neither player.  The turn 10s, gave Collopy some hope as now he could win with any king or spade.  However, this bracelet was meant for Hansen as the river fell the 3d and Gus Hansen has finally won his first WSOP bracelet.

It has been a long time coming, but Gus Hansen has the one thing that was missing from his poker resume, a WSOP bracelet.  He won not on the bracelet, but also £288,409 in prize money.  Congratulations.

Below are the top eight finishers for this event.  Prizes are in GBP:

1                    Gus Hansen               288,409

2                    Jim Collopy               178,211

3                    Ram Vaswani               96,212

4                    Andrew Feldman               96,212

5                    Daniel Negreanu                 47,045

6                    Kevin Eyster               47,045

7                    Huck Seed               47,045

8                    Neil Channing               47,045


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