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2010 WSOP-E Event 3 - Scott Shelley Wins £1,075 NL Event

22 September 2010, By:
Event #3 of the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe was the £1,075 No-Limit Holdem event.
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Event #3 of the 2010 World Series of Poker Europe was the £1,075 No-Limit Holdem event.

This event had three day one's and drew a field of 582 players.  By the end of Day 2 action we were down to our final table.

2010 WSOP-E winner Scott Shelley (finally a poker player who has friends)

JP Kelly was the defending champion and made the final table of this event.  He was also looking to become the youngest player to win three WSOP bracelets.  Here is how the final table started play:

Seat 1:  Karim Jomeen        109,000

Seat 2:  Scott Shelley        148,000

Seat 3:  Nicky Katz        150,000

Seat 4:  Paul Pitchford       77,000

Seat 5:  Jeppe Brisgaard     171,000

Seat 6:  Mehdi Senhaji       369,000

Seat 7:  Kaveh Payman      434,000

Seat 8:  JP Kelly        242,000

Seat 9:  Jack Lyman        55,000


JP Kelly managed not only to build up chips at the final table, but he took the chip lead going into heads-up play with Scott Shelley.  He led 1.03 Million to the 720,000 of Shelley.  The lead changed hands a couple of time, with Shelley taking the chip lead and applying the pressure to the defending champion.

The final hand started with Shelley raising to 47,000 and Kelly then moving all-in.  Shelley made the call with pocket threes and found himself racing against Qd-Jh.  The flop fell 8c-5h-3s to give Shelley a set and stranglehold on the bracelet.  The turn fell the 7h and JP Kelly was drawing dead.  Scott Shelley is the Event #3 champion.  He takes home not only the gold bracelet, but £133,857 in prize money.

Below are the final table payouts.  Amounts are in GBP:

1                    Scott Shelley                   133,857

2                    JP Kelly                              82,854

3                    Jeppe Bisgaard                   55,063

4                    Paul Pitchford                    40,862

5                    Kaveh Payman                   30,666

6                    Mehdi Senhaji                    23,239

7                    Jack Lyman                        17,768

8                    Karim Jomeen                     13,694

9                    Nicky Katz                         10,633


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