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2010 WSOP-E Event #1 - Phil Laak Wins His First Bracelet

20 September 2010, By:
The 2010 World Series of Poker Europe kicked off on Tuesday with Event #1, the £2,650 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em Event.
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The 2010 World Series of Poker Europe kicked off on Tuesday with Event #1, the £2,650 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em Event.

2010 WSOPE Event 1 winner Phil Laak

Day 1 saw 244 players turn out for the first of five WSOP events in Europe.  At the end of Day 1, 31 players remained with Jeff Lisandro, Phil Laak, Liv Boeree, and Chris Bjorin still in the hunt.

Day 2 would play down to the six-handed final table and both Chris Bjorin and Phil Laak headlined the final table.  However, it was Andrew Pantling that heading into the final table as the chip leader.  Laak was very lucky to even be here after having a severe ATV wreck a month ago that put him in the hospital.  Laak's right arm is still in a cast from the accident.  The final table participants and their starting chip stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: Willie Tann 72,000

Seat 2: Chris Bjorin 368,500

Seat 3: Phil Laak 317,000

Seat 4: Andrew Pantling 627,500

Seat 5: Ilan Rouah 200,000

Seat 6: David Peters 251,500

Chris Bjorin made a strong run at the bracelet, but fell in 3rd place when he ran pocket queens into the pocket kings of Phil Laak.  At the start of heads-up play, Andrew Pantling held a 1,078,000 to 759,000 chip lead over Laak.  It didn't take long for Laak to close the gap and ultimately take over the chip lead.  The battle then went back and forth a while with both players holding the chip lead numerous times.  Laak then took a huge chip lead after doubling through Pantling.  Laak moved all-in on the turn after flopping two pair.  Pantling flopped a pair and a both a flush draw and gutshot straight draw.  Pantling missed and Laak was up 3 to 1 in chips.

Shortly after that hand, Laak moved all-in over the top of a pre-flop raise from Pantling.  Pantling called with Ah-9h and Laak showed Kd-5c.  The flop fell 7h-4h-4c to knock out two of Laak's outs and give Pantling a flush draw.  The turn then fell the 5d to give Laak the lead.  An ace, nine, seven, or heart would give Pantling the win.  The river fell the Qc and Phil Laak won his first WSOP bracelet.

Phil Laak came close to winning a bracelet in 2005, finishing 2nd in the PL Holdem event that gave Johnny Chan his 10th bracelet.  It took five years for Laak to position himself to win another bracelet, but this time he came through for the win.  In addition to the bracelet, Laak took home £170,802.  Congratulations:

Below are the final table payouts.  Winnings are in GBP:

1                    Phil Laak                             170,802

2                    Andrew Pantling                105,506

3                    Chris Bjorin                        70,473

4                    David Peters                        48,202

5                    Ilan Rouah                          33,617

6                    Willie Tann                         23,900



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