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Softest WSOP Events

20 April 2010, By:

While it is true that "Anyone can win" at the WSOP, the reality is that there are events that are easier to take down than others.  If you want a realistic chance at winning at bracelet, these are the events you want to take your shot at.

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$1,000 NL Holdem Events

The amount of the buy-in of this event makes these events the softest of all the NL events on the schedule, including the Main Event.  Another advantage to playing this over other events is that you will find fewer pros in these fields.  Each player starts with 3,000 in chips so you will also find a lot of players gambling early on.

$1,500 Limit Holdem

Some of you may think that a Limit Holdem game would be tougher to beat than a NL, but I can tell you from experience that the field in this event are some of the softest you will find in the WSOP.  You will find a few players that enter this event by mistake thinking it is a NL event and you will also find those that try to play this game like NL.  As a result, these players play too fast and bust themselves.  While there will be your share of Limit Holdem specialists in this game, there will still be plenty of dead money in this event.

$2,000 NL Holdem Shootout

Are you a sit & go specialist?  If so, this is the perfect event for you.  The concept is simple: Win three sit & go's and you win a bracelet.  Granted, you will face some stiff competition at these tables, there is a big difference in playing a sit & go than playing a multi-table event.  Sit & go specialists will have an advantage over a good percentage of the players in this event.

$1,000 Seniors Event


The Seniors Event is considered to be an extremely soft field at the WSOP.   Johnny Chan was eligible to play in the event for the first time in 2008 but almost didn't because he felt he was taking advantage of the players in the event.  You will see a lot of old school poker in this event and a solid aggressive player will have a field day.  Be aware that you have to be at least 50 years of age to play.  However, the winner is a bracelet winner.

$1,500 NL Holdem Events


In the past, it was the $1,500 NL Events that were considered the "donkaments" of the WSOP.  The $1,000 will primarily take over the top spot in donkeydom, but the $1,500 will be a close 2nd.  These filed will only be mildly tougher than the $1,000 and somewhat smaller, but likely to have over 2,000 players or more per event.  $4,500 in starting chips will also promote a lot of gambling.

If you haven't figured it out, Holdem is the easiest route to a bracelet at the WSOP.  While the non-Holdem events are smaller, they will be filled with pros and specialist and a player taking a shot at a bracelet will truly be dead money.  If you want to win a bracelet, start with looking at the above events and work on your game.  Good luck should you choose to play at the WSOP this summer.

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