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2010 WSOP Main Event Day 7 Recap - Mizrachi Slips as Joseph Cheong Leads Heading into Final 27

18 July 2010, By:
Day 7 of the 2010 WSOP Main Event kicked off on Friday with 78 players looking to play their way down to the final 27 players.
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Day 7 of the 2010 WSOP Main Event kicked off on Friday with 78 players looking to play their way down to the final 27 players.

Theo Jorgensen started the day as chip leader with Michael Mizrachi right behind him in 2nd place.

Jean-Robert Bellande was one of the big names left in the field, but he started the day as a short stack. He managed a double up early on and was up to 810,000 in chip before deciding to put them to risk pre-flop with Qd-10d.

Duy Le re-raised to force everyone else out of the pot with Ah-Qc. The board failed to bring a 10 for Bellande and he was out of the Main Event.

David Benyamine was also another of the short stacks that went out on Day 7. Benyamine also moved in with Q-10 and ran into the Ah-Jh of Pascal LeFrancois.

The flop came 3h-10h-9h to give LeFrancois the nut flush and left Benyamine needing runing queen's or 10's to win. The turn 4h left Benyamine drawing dead and he was out in 58th place.

Alexander Kostritsyn started the day as one of the chip leaders, but a big hand with Bryn Kennedy resulted in his elimination.

Kostritsyn three-bet to 575,000 pre-flop and Kennedy moved all-in with Ah-Qh. Kostritsyn made the call with pocket kings.  wo hearts on the flop now gave Kennedy outs to a flush.

The turn missed both players, but the river fell the 5h to give Kennedy a flush and to send Kostritsyn home at least one day sooner than expected.

Day 4 chip leader Tony Dunst was also eliminated on Day 7. He was all-in for just over 1.2 Million with A-Q.  Unfortunately for him, William Thorson held A-K.

The flop and turn missed both players, and a king river sent Dunst out to collect over $168,000 for 50th place.

To say that Michael Mizrachi had an up and down day is a bit of an understatement. He started the day 2nd in chips with 7.53 Million and then spiraled down to under 2 Million.

He then lived up to his nickname and grinded his way back up to 6.825 Million to close out the day.  This left him in 16th position out of the remaining 27 players and slightly below the 8.13 Million chip average.

Joseph Cheong and Cuong Nguyen are the chip leaders going into Day 8 play. Cheong holds 24.490 Million in chips and Nguyen 23.1 Million. They are the only players over 20 Million at present.

Pascal LeFrancois is 3rd with 15.78 Million. Scott Clements and David Baker also remain in the field, with Clements sitting with 7.25 Million in chips and Baker with 6.825 Million.

Johnny Lodden and Hasan Habib are the short stacks, both with just over 1.5 Million each.

Day 8 action will kick off on Saturday at Noon PDT and play will continue until we reach the November Nine. It will be the last day of the Main Event until November and at its conclusion, we will know who will be making poker history.

Stay tuned to as we bring you action from the final day of the 2010 WSOP Main Event.


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